Increase Your Blog Audience with These 3 Tips

Imagine writing a beautifully detailed blog post and publishing it on your website, only to get a handful of views and shares. That would be rather disappointing and demotivating now, wouldn’t it? After all, without an audience to read what you’ve written, your blog is pretty much useless.

So, how can you get more readers and rank higher on SEO?

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are an important part of SEO marketing. However, people often make the mistake of adding too many keywords in their blog as an attempt to rank higher and generate more traffic. Now while you may think that by adding a dozen or so keywords will make your blog all the more relevant, the truth is, you’re only jinxing your strategy this way.

Adding keyword after keyword in the content is known as “keyword stuffing”. This does not do well with search engines, which are against this practice. Adding several keywords just for the sake of it hurts your SEO ranking and drives away traffic.

So, how do you use keywords to your advantage? By using a few long-tail keywords instead of ten shorter ones! Using one or two long-tail keywords allows you to focus on specific goals instead of being generic. For instance, keywords like “auto insurance” or “insurance company” won’t be as impactful as “how to buy auto insurance” or “types of auto insurance packages”.

Using relevant, long-tail keywords a few times in your blog will help you rank higher in terms of SEO. You can strategically place these limited number of keywords in different parts of your blog, such as in subheadings, anchor texts, meta tags, and the CTA.

Embrace Social Media

Want your blog to have a bigger outreach? Use social media to your advantage!

With so many social media sites available, you have several options to choose from. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all effective in directing your followers to your blog posts. You can easily attach the link to your blog in individual posts (or in case of Instagram, in your bio), and promote your content on social media.

Furthermore, make sure you have the sharing option enabled for your blog so that your readers can share it via social media as well. You can even ask them to retweet or share your post for an extra push!

Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

More than 50% of all searches are done from a mobile device. This means that you absolutely need to make your blog mobile-friendly so that it’s easily accessible to your target audience.

using smartphone and laptop

Not only does having a mobile-friendly blog make it easier for your audience to read it on the go, but it’s also favored by Google. Thus, if you want to avoid losing readers because your page won’t open on a mobile screen, you need to optimize your blog ASAP!

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