Industrial Displays Offer Easy Integration Solutions For OEMs

Desktop monitors are routinely used for computer displays in homes, offices and other work environments. These are consumer grade monitors that provide easier and affordable display solutions.

Industrial touchscreen monitors are desktop monitors too. These are stripped down to chassis and other components, along with an integrated glass overlay.

These industrial displays assist Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) by allowing integration into larger enclosures. From kiosks to medical devices, these monitors are used widely in the industry.

What makes industrial displays compatible for OEM integration?

Industrial monitors are characteristically designed for heavy duty applications. Most of these are open frame touchscreen monitors. The unit essentially is a metal chassis that holds the numerous internal components and the LCD panel together without any housing or bezels.

An important feature of these monitors is that all components used are manufactured from industrial grade materials. Industrial monitors and each individual component are thus designed to last longer than typical consumer grade monitors.

Furthermore, most of the parts used in these monitors are easy to find. Damaged parts can thus be repaired and replaced, if and when needed.

Highlighting Applications Of Industrial Display Monitors

Industrial touchscreen monitors are used for multiple heavy duty applications. These are integrated in machines and devices which are constantly in use by staff workers or members of the public.

For instance, CNC machines often incorporate industrial monitors where these displays endure harsh operating conditions. Display monitors are meant to last; otherwise, the whole unit will be rendered useless.

Another example is that of a kiosk. These machines are used by hundreds to thousands of people every day.

The monitors must be capable to withstand the harsh public environment where these are constantly approached by people. Kiosks must endure a lot of abuse during usage.

Generally, industrial displays are used by way of integration into larger enclosures or to operate as part of devices and machines. Other uses include medical devices, gaming machines, vending machines, automotive infotainment, and marine boats.

OEMs prefer sunlight readable monitors for outdoor use. Sunlight readable open frame monitors, such as those available from REVO Interactive, are more in demand today.

These monitors provide cost-effective and high quality display solutions for easy integration. These are ideal for outdoor displays as the monitors make viewing under the natural light easier.

Leveraging this technology, OEMs are using monitors with sunlight panels in custom outdoor applications. Get in touch with REVO Interactive for their open frame monitors and other industrial display solutions.

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