Which Industries Are The Most Affected By Industrial Robots? Find Out If Your Industry Is On The List!

In 2018, the sales of industrial robots soared up to a whopping US $16.5 billion around the globe, which was a 1% increase than the global sales recorded in 2017. Approximately 2.4 million robots were working in different industries, as of 2018. This figure is further estimated to reach up to 4 million industrial robots working globally by 2022, according to the International Federation of Robotics.

This rise can be attributed to the increasing trust of humans in robots. In fact, a survey research conducted by the World Economic Forum found that almost two-thirds of workers would trust a robot as their boss more than a human boss.

These statistics are proof that robots are essential in every field now—they are everywhere! And while it’s no lie that robots are deeply rooted in our lives, there are some industries that are the most affected by robotics, as listed in a 2019 World Robotics report released by IFR. In this article, we’ll list down those industries and you can see how your industry stacks up!

Food Industry

The number of industrial robots in the food industry is relatively lower than that of other industries that we’ve discussed in this article. As of 2018, 20,000 robots were installed to perform operations like handling of raw and processed food, cutting, sorting, packing, and, dispensing. However, the industry is still growing with infinite room for further technological advancements. In fact, food industry could by the next frontier of robotics, as stated by The Robotics Industries Association (RIA).

Metal Industry

With over 50,000 industrial robots, metal industry stand as the third largest industry in terms of robotics. The manufacturers in this industry utilize robots for performing a range of tasks like welding, spraying, polishing, painting, assembling, loading, and unloading.

Electronics Industry

In 2018, around 100,000 robots were installed in electronics companies around the globe, which made it the second largest industry in terms of robot use. Businesses in this industry are embracing robot application to eliminate the risk of contamination and perform operational tasks like handling, and assembling.

Automotive Industry

All of us knew which industry had to top the list. Automotive industry owns 30% of the total robot installations in all industries, globally i.e. almost 130,000 industrial robot installations. In fact, the first robot for industrial usage, Unimate, was invented for General Motors—an automotive company—in 1959.

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