Industries That Can Benefit From Managed IT Services

Although managed services providers (MSPs) and in particular, managed IT services have existed for some time, only recently have we seen a surge in its popularity across numerous industries seeking to leverage its benefits.

Outsourcing IT tasks provides access to technical services including backup and recovery, email hosting, data storage, monitoring networks, and maintaining compliance just to name a few. It also includes protection from the rising number of cyber attacks, the costs of which are expected to reach a whooping $6 trillion by 2021.

In this article, we take a look at how different industries can benefit from managed IT services.


IT security is considered to be one of the top strategic IT issues at universities and colleges and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is something that educational institutes need to comply with in order to protect student records and financial information from cyber threats. Qualified managed IT services also enable institutes to:

  • Implement solutions that meet PCI requirements
  • Identify areas that are still not compliant
  • Determining the scope of PCI
  • Establishing a PCI compliance program


With the e-commerce industry experiencing consistent growth, businesses have started extending their digital presence across numerous channels. Consumer purchasing trends change constantly making speed a crucial factor for success in the retail industry. Managed IT services provide the support that is required to keep up with shifting trends and demands.

Security is also a key issue as recent breaches at the hands of well-organized and resourceful hackers has resulted in a loss of confidential data. This has led to hundreds of thousands of personal records as well as credit card data being compromised. These attacks also lead to heavy fines and loss of customers. Retail businesses can no longer afford to sustain such losses and must hire the services of qualified managed IT security solutions.



Government agencies have to work with small budgets and after paying for tech, have little resources left to manage their in-house IT operations. By hiring managed IT services, government agencies can gain access to support systems that will enable them to fully optimize their workforce as well as adhere to the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).


Slowly but steadily, the healthcare industry moves further into the digital age and is increasingly adopting the use of EHR (Electronic Health Records) to maintain its data in digital form. The pursuit of universal connectivity and the integration of tablets and smartphones have led to a number of security breaches resulting in stricter legislation. Managed IT services  create a seamless flow of information as well as set up effective security barriers against cyber threats.

Irrespective of the industry, Managed IT services have a lot to offer in terms of security, efficiency, and compliance. Think Technologies Group provides high-quality managed IT solutions in Gainesville. Contact them today.

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