Industries that were Revolutionized by Touchscreen Technology

It has been over 4 decades since the first touchscreen was invented, and since then it has made a big impact on the way so many things are done. More and more businesses are now relying on touchscreen technology for their operations and end-users.

The change we see today in the business world is quite fascinating. Let us look at some of the industries that have been revolutionized by touchscreen technology:


Perhaps retail is the industry that has been most affected by the advances in touchscreen technology. It all began with self-service checkouts and service kiosks in fast food chains and supermarkets, and now customers are shopping from retail stores without needing any human interaction.

Retail stores are also using smart mirrors that enable customers to try out different colors and sizes of the same outfit, without actually having to change. Many clothing outlets now even use touchscreens in trial rooms, where customers can select the outfits which will directly be delivered to their trial room.


How touchscreens have revolutionized banks is something that we are all thankful for. We no longer need to visit the bank for withdrawing cash, paying our utility bills or transferring an amount to another account.

Now, tellers are being made redundant with touchscreen navigators in branches. Two years ago, Bank of America introduced a branch without any employees where customers need to use touchscreen navigators in order to apply for loans, open an account or deposit a check.


The technological needs of the military are constantly changing and evolving. With their highly specialized equipment, they have been at the forefront of the evolving touchscreen technology.

Military requires functionality in tough conditions, which is why it has brought a much-needed durability that we see in industrial grade touchscreens today. An example of that could be the ULTRA Resistive touchscreens that are used in control panels and monitors. They are extremely tough and can also be used when wearing gloves.


Touchscreens have also impacted healthcare in a lot of ways.

It is now common for patients to use touchscreens for signing in when they arrive for a surgery at a hospital. This sends a notification to the doctors and consultant that the patient has arrived on the premises. This may seem like a simple thing, but it has changed healthcare in more ways than imaginable.

It provides important analytics as to how long patients had to wait before they were seen, how often patients visit, and at what time the hospital receives the maximum number of patients. With this data, hospitals are able to improve their service by utilizing their human resources in a better way.

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