The Ins and Outs of Software Localization

As a business, particularly one intending to operate in an international market, your software needs to be accessible to the local market you’re targeting. Localizing software is all about making it conform to the linguistic and cultural standards and needs of the target market.

What is Software Localization?

Software localization involves translation of the software content to the specific language of the country, so that it draws a much larger audience than if you were to only target members of an English-speaking community.

However, software localization does not only imply language translations. It is a laborious process with a lot of effort that goes into it, and aims to redevelop a company’s software into one that can impact an entirely different cultural entity.

It may require changes in numerous aspects of the software, from the images used to the user interface itself. In order for software localization to be entirely effective in attracting a larger audience from a target country, the software has to be adapted in a way that it feels like seamlessly native software to them.

How it Helps

The obvious way in which software localization – it’s main purpose in fact – is that it allows businesses to break out of cultural barriers and connect with a global audience. The audience, that is to say, the customers, also greatly benefit from software localization. It gives them access to a product that is tailored to meet the legal and linguistic requirements of their culture.

To be more specific, software that has been localized will provide users with a native interface – messages in their own language, consideration taken for the different kind of keyboards they use, the entry fields requiring their name, address and the like will also be tailored accordingly. It gives the companies using software localization to expand their business a significant leg up over their competitors, ultimately making the endeavor more profitable and productive.

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