Installed “To NEC Code”: Electrical Outlet Box at Homes

Electrical outlet box, also known as junction box, is a plastic (or metal) enclosure used in electrical installations to contain wires for an electrical connection. This way, it keeps the wires protected from wear and environmental elements and provides a safety barrier to consumers against electrical shocks.

Installing an electrical outlet box is quite simple. However, this very simplicity of the job can sometimes act against it as service contractors may complacently install an outlet box without ensuring compliance with the NEC code.

If you’re currently working on renovating your home, and your project involves installation of electrical outlet box(s), keep these following outlet box installation NEC rules in check to make sure your contractor is doing their job properly:

Use the right size box

An electrical outlet box comes in different sizes. Your contractor must choose a box that is sized according to your specific electrical box installation needs. The sizing of an electrical outlet box depends on the number of wires that are to be enclosed in the box.

Install the box in flush with the wall surface

All electrical box installations should be flushed with the wall surface. If the box is sitting recessed, instruct your contractor to use an electrical box extender to level it with the wall surface.

Secure the wires with clips

It’s crucial not to leave wires loose inside a box as it can potentially risk fire. Thankfully, most electrical boxes available today have built-in clamps to secure wires in a fixed position. If your contractor is using a box that does not have clamps, use “approved” cable clips for the purpose.

All boxes must be covered

The NEC also requires that all boxes must be covered once they have been installed. For boxes for receptacles and switches, use covers with cutouts; for boxes for light fixtures, use round or octagon-shaped covers; and for unused celling boxes, use round closure plates rated for dry locations.

By keeping the above rules in check, you can ensure a NEC compliant (and safe) electrical box installation at your home.

We wish you all the best for your house remodeling project.

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