Installing Tiles or Drywall on an Existing Wall? Don’t Make This Common Mistake!

Are you installing tiles or drywall on your existing wall? If yes, make sure any affected electrical outlet sits flush with the new wall surface after the remodeling is complete.

When installing tiles or drywall on an existing wall surface, many contractors fail to account for the presence of an electrical outlet on the old wall surface during the wall design process.

As a result, the electrical outlet is pushed back into the new wall surface, in a somewhat recessed position. This not only gives an ugly look to the remodel, but is also classified as a direct violation of local building codes.

To fix this, contractors either have to reposition the outlet or make a cut in the new wall, rip out the electrical box, and reinstall it closer to the front of the stud to make the outlet flush with the new wall surface.

Both of these solutions can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and costly.

Therefore, when installing tiles or a drywall on an existing wall surface, make sure to check beforehand that the remodel won’t affect any localized electrical outlet.

If there is an electrical outlet on the wall that could be potentially affected, steps should be taken during the design process to eliminate any such possibilities.

In cases where this dreaded situation comes to pass, an electrical box extender should be used to fix the issue.

What is an electrical box extender?

An electrical box extender is a device used for fixing recessed electrical boxes/outlets. Installed around an electrical box, it extends the box and provides a flushed finish with the wall surface.

Electrical box extenders are available in different sizes and colors, so they can be conveniently customized to best suit specialty installation needs.

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