How Do Internal Shock Dampers Work?

Drilling is just not about cutting holes in walls. It’s a heavy-duty job. It’s a complex process involving extracting oil and gas from fields distributed over large areas. A regular drilling expedition requires multiple approvals at the state level. Drilling expeditions should not only be viewed as means to extract oil and gas. They play a great role in studying the earth’s sub-surface level features. Geologists use this data to analyze properties and features the earth may exhibit.

Modern drilling methodologies have become efficient with time. Most drilling expeditions revolve around gaining maximum samples through limited drilling sites. Today, experts use modern drilling equipment to drill wells smoothly. These tools are connected with command centers that work round the clock to procure accurate data from the earth’s inner surface. The data extracted is documented in well-logs. Well-logging is a procedure to store information about underground rocks for better digging extractions.

Drilling uses various equipment such as:

M1 Unmanned MWD System: Measurement While Drilling is a process to perform data analysis of underground rocks to help in future drilling expeditions.

Extended Reach Survey Tool: This tool provides geologists with authentic data to optimize drilling projects.

Downhole Tool: Oil-drilling equipment works to optimize oil level production in oil fields.

Another equipment used for smoother drilling expeditions is an internal shock damper.

What Are Internal Shock Dampers?

Internal shock dampers are like dashpots. It’s the equipment you see attached to doors that prevents them from slamming shut. Dashpots are dampers. Devices minimize friction and the shock produced from two materials coming in contact. A dashpot turns released energy into heat energy that dissipates gradually. The mechanism protects equipment from further damage and minimizes vibration.

That’s exactly how internal shock dampers work. Shock dampers are hydraulic devices used to convert the kinetic energy produced through shock into heat energy which dissipates on its own.  A shock damper is usually placed around the drill collar.

Some functions of internal shock dampers include:

Smooth Drilling: The drilling equipment is damaged over time due to continued oscillations. Shock absorbers make the drilling process smoother.

Controls Vibrations: Drilling vibrations occur due to two surfaces coming in contact with each other.  Shock dampers control these vibrations to maximize drilling performance.

Expert drillers use the best technology to perform ace drilling procedures. They are also equipped with tools to evaluate the properties of the sub-surfaces of earth.

Oil rig in oil field

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