Internal vs. External Digital Marketing: Which To Choose?

Given that your business is likely more focused on its core operations, there often is not enough time and effort dedicated to a successful digital media marketing campaign.

In time, you are eventually faced with the crucial requirement of creating a solid and consistent digital media marketing process.

Your customers and target audience needs to be reminded that you exist—and digital marketing is your way to level up amongst your competitors.

By the end of 2017, the total number of internet users is expected to reach 3.5 billion worldwide, which means the sooner your business chooses a digital marketing team, the better its profitability. You can either form an in-house team, or work with a digital marketing agency.

Both internal and external digital marketing have plenty of benefits, and neither is without some drawbacks. What matters is deciding which one can give you the most value for your investment.

Before you choose one, you should understand the pros and cons involved:

Internal Digital Marketing Team

The Pros:

  • Full-Time Commitment

An internal marketing team is your company’s team. They are dedicated to focusing on your marketing campaigns without having to divide working time between you and any other business.

  • Familiarity With Company

An in-house digital team has extensive knowledge of your company’s traditions. It’s a team who is present with the rest of your employees, promising better coordination with other departments.

The Cons:

  • Costly To Operate

A digital marketing team works like any other team in your finance, human resources or research department. In addition to a basic salary, you have to factor in insurance costs, vacation days, sick leaves, benefits and other costs such as training costs. These costs can prove to be financially unfavorable, especially if your business is categorized as an SME.

  • Too Little Resources

Apart from managing digital channels, a digital marketing team is also responsible for data analysis to review its performance. This helps them improve your online conversation rates. With a multitude of digital and social media channels to strategize for and manage, your in-house team’s working capacity can be stretched out beyond their limits.

External Digital Marketing Team

The Pros:

  • Time-Saving

From researching your target audience to executing a digital strategy for the best possible outcome, a digital marketing team can save you precious time. All you need to provide them is with the information regarding your company and its customers, and the pros can handle the entire digital marketing process.

  • Specialziation and Expertise

When you collaborate with an external team, you’re receiving a digital marketing tool-box at your company’s doorstep.

SEO services, web development, content creation, PPC, social media expertise—you get everything.

NextMediaDigital is an example of an agency that offers a menu of expert services in digital media marketing for businesses in Miami. These teams are dedicated to upgrading their knowledge banks and professionals’ skills, which means that you get the latest services in the market.

  • Lowered Costs

Given that you don’t have to pay the team for any additional costs besides those for their services alone, digital marketing services go well with your company’s marketing budget.

The Cons:

  • Multiplicity Of Clients

Digital marketing teams cater to a number of businesses at a given time. The will allot a time period within which you receive their services and view your progress. You cannot jump ranks.

  • Familiarity-In-Progress

An external team, though adept in understanding the nuances of your industry, is not as familiar with your business specifically. There might be some need for extensive communication to deliver your concepts to the team so that they can refine their services to precision.

Bottom Line…

Think about your marketing goals and the overall goals for your business, and analyze which marketing team is the best fit long-term. In the end, the team whose advantages can outweigh drawbacks is the one for you.

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