iPhone 7 – The Love and Hate Relationship

No other Smartphone enjoys quite as many mixed reviews as the iPhone.

Once again, with the release of iPhone 7 in the worldwide market, there are some users who love the phone, while others dislike its design or other aspects.

Why is there so much disparity between iPhone 7 users? It seems we love to hate the iPhone yet cannot fail to acknowledge Apple’s dominance in the Smartphone industry even today!

Here is what people love, hate and dislike about this addition in the Apple iPhone family:

iPhone 7 – Released Amidst Confusion and Expected Results

Like previous iPhone releases, Apple created incredible hype and frenzied enthusiasm before this device came on shelves. People were eager to know about how well the phone really is compared to competitors and even previous iPhones!

So how well did the iPhone 7 perform in terms of user expectations? As was expected, the device was sold out just hours after Apple announced pre-order availability. In fact, the company had to push back shipping dates! Expected scenario? Undoubtedly!

At first glance, Apple’s iPhone 7 is another inventive and incredible creation—and it looks as powerful as it is.

The Truth about the Phone and Its Sale in the U.S

The first week after a new phone is released is the most crucial when it comes to determining popularity. A device will automatically perform well in the market if sale rates in the first week are exceptional… this lays a trend for future sales.

What happened during the first week of iPhone 7’s release? Sales couldn’t compare or match with sales of iPhone 6 in 2014 even when doing well within the first week. A fall of 25% was recorded in expected sales, not a large difference margin.

As compared to the record-breaking sales of iPhone 6, the following addition fueled the love-hate relationship:

  • Little difference/improvement in battery life
  • Main design and look is very similar to iPhone 6
  • Removal of headphone jack makes listening to music difficult and expensive

But, there’s no denying; there is something about apple gadgets that keep us asking for more; In fact, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics, the sales of iPhone 7 placed Apple back on the top as the world’s top smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter.

Excellent Display

Updated retina HD displays of iPhone 7 are 25% brighter than previous devices. The phone still supports flawless 3D touch technology and enhanced color management.

Better Storage

iPhone storage capabilities have been lauded in the past. There is no exception with the iPhone 7, with double the storage offered by the phone. However, storage capacity for all tiers of this phone isn’t the same:

Base Model: 32GB

Middle Tier: 128GB

Top Tier: 256GB

Higher Water and Dust Resistance

Now you can take your iPhone 7 for a swim without worrying about water damage to the delicate machinery inside the phone. Caught in a surprise downpour? Don’t worry, the new iPhone has an IP67 rating meaning your phone will come out just fine from the experience.

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