IPv4 Exhaustion: What To Do If Your Organization Needs More Addresses?

It isn’t surprising that we have run out of IPv4 addresses. The exhaustion was anticipated almost 20 years ago, however, the pool neared complete depletion back in 2011. This has started a global race and plenty of black market outlets for organizations to get their hands on as many IPv4 address spaces as possible.

It’s about maintaining and growing company internet-reachable systems. And so, acquiring or finding alternatives to IPv4 is now critical.

Even though we do have IPv6, most organizations would rather create a dual-stack IP address environment than completely transform their IT infrastructure to support IPv6. Therefore, IPv4 is here to stay.

You will continue to use IPv4 for the foreseeable future; according to experts, this could mean almost a decade. But the question remains, what to do if you need more IPv4 addresses?

Purchasing Addresses

One possible option is to purchase IPv4 addresses from organizations that might still have some left.

For instance, the American Registry for Internet Numbers offers the chance to transfer ownership of IPv4 address spaces under a few specific conditions.

All ARIN requires you to do is follow its procedures for transfers. There is a small fee paid to ARIN to cover the transaction and transfer.

Get In Touch With Brokers

Perhaps the easiest way to acquire additional IPv4 addresses is to get in touch with IPv4 brokers. A company like IPv4 Mall can help you find the right sellers and facilitate the process, making acquisition easier.

While there is the possibility of encountering a service provider that is part of the black market and fails to offer you the right rates, you can inquire if the broker you choose is part of ARIN’s Specific Transfer Listing Service (STLS).

IPv4 brokers who agree to follow ARIN’s policies fall under this list and may help you acquire address spaces, without any complications.

However, many firms provide these services independently as well, allowing IPv4 buyers and sellers to meet and discuss prices and terms.

It wouldn’t be long before IPv4 address spaces are treated like other scarce resources. This means their value will continue to increase down the line.

If you plan to make dramatic infrastructure changes and move to IPv6, your best bet is to hold back on IPv4 addresses and sell them when the value is high. If you wish to continue using IPv4 address spaces, get in touch with a reliable brokerage service like IPv4 Mall to avoid paying more than the market price.

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