Jobs that Robots are Eager to Do But Humans Are Not!

Ever since robots graced factory floors with their presence, everyone has been debating the “what-if” scenario, openly expressing their concerns over the eventual takeover of robots of workplaces.

There is another side to this industrial revolution—one that is filled with a sentiment of gratitude and element of relief. On this side, are people, who are actually pleased that robots are taking their jobs.

The workforce is happy surrendering their jobs to robots because they don’t want to do them. While robots, designed with the eagerness to do anything and everything, are more than willing.

What types of jobs are these?

Fruit Picking Jobs

Humans don’t want to do fruit picking jobs anymore. The US specialty crop farm industry is currently facing labor shortage. Among the many factors, workers cite intolerable working conditions and a low wage rate, as two of the primary reasons for which they are unwilling to do fruit picking jobs at farms.

Not to mention, the condescending attitude that some unemployed have toward a low wage farm work. Right or wrong—that is up for debate; the bottom line is, humans don’t want to do fruit picking jobs.

But, robots are eager.

Meet Alpha Unit, a robotic strawberry picker that will be going all operational in the fields of Florida, come next winter.

Rescue Jobs in Dangerous Radiation Areas

If you recall the unfortunate Fukushima nuclear disaster—dating back to 2011—you would also remember that after the incident, the discovered radiation levels were deemed unsafe for a human to perform rescue operations in the building.

As a result, military-grade robots had to be deployed.

Incidents like these and many others, that require rescue operations in areas exposed to dangerous levels of radiations, are now becoming the prime focus of robot manufacturers. Humans are excusing from performing rescue operations, amidst the health and safety hazards that entail the execution of such types of jobs.

Assembly Jobs

Some assembly jobs can be plain boring for humans because of their inherent repetitiveness—an example being the job of an assembler at a mobile phone factory. While others can be unsafe—especially, where the assembly of heavy parts is involved. In case of latter, the assembly jobs at automobile factories is an example worth noting.

In both the cases, the employees are more than willing to switch to other jobs, so that their new roles could be more fulfilling and value-centric.

Here, once again, robots are willing to do these jobs.

Kuka industrial robots are being increasingly deployed at BMW manufacturing and assembly plants; whereas Foxconn, Apple and Samsung supplier, has also reportedly deployed industrial robots at its assembly line.

Automation is here to stay and as such the debate about the deployment of robots at different workplaces will continue. Detractors of the technology will always have valid points to leverage in their argument. However, one aspect of deployment with which they will surely agree on is,

Let the robots do the jobs that humans are unwilling or not eager to do.

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