How To Keep Your Business Printers Secure

Office printers are often shared and used by multiple employees, which is why you should secure them.

When you’re running a business, it’s important to keep your technology safe. Printers and copiers today can be made safer and more efficient thanks to upgrades, and newer systems, especially because not only are they prone to misuse, they are also vulnerable to attacks and breaches.

A reason for this is that modern digital printers work by saving images and as a result a lot of valuable, confidential information is thus left exposed.

So how do you go about making your printers safer for daily use?

Make sure the firmware is up to date

Manufacturers provide you with the necessary and relevant firmware for your needs, which is why you should be sure to update as per their instructions. Failing to do so can cause your printers to lag or miss out on important security updates. These updates often target vulnerabilities in the system and correct them for better, more effective usage, and shouldn’t be delayed longer than necessary.

Use security features that are inbuilt

Changing the IP address, setting passwords, and limiting the use and access to your printer through internal settings is one of the first things you can and should do. This is quite the elementary security measure, but definitely not to be ignored. These settings and features exist for your protection.

Copiers and printers are used in offices in workplaces of all kinds and need to be secured.

Invest in applications for added safety

There is an abundance of applications designed to improve printer usage, making it more secure and efficient. Axis Business Technologies specializes in offering a range of print management software which have been designed for businesses in different industries.

You can choose MyQ, which is an application designed to create an encrypted printing environment, only proceeding with the print job after PIN verification. It also allows you to control and manage who has access to the printers at your facility and assess monthly printing costs.

Or PaperCut, which restricts access, only allowing printing via card swipes and verification. The software limits who can print a document, even across distances, since you’ll be able to send encrypted documents to other locations.

Net Manager is another such software that works especially well for industries with strict compliance. All files are encrypted and require both PIN and card verification to avoid any type of data breach.


Invest in this software for your firm and ensure that all data stored on and accessed from your printers remains secure. You can also contact Axis Business Technologies for data backup and recovery services in Colorado Springs.

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