How to Keep Communication Open with Customers during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The technological sector has stepped up during the pandemic of the coronavirus to manage its widespread global impact. Artificial intelligence, technology and data science are some of the ways governments and healthcare professionals are using to manage the spread of COVID-19.

With social distancing as a prime focus, several companies are in search of new ways of interacting with their customers. Many have even suspended their marketing and advertising budgets to focus more on connecting with their consumer base from a safe distance.

Brands and businesses all across the world are taking a hit with fewer sales and foot traffic to brick and mortar stores but it is the need of the hour to engage with your target audience now more than ever.

Here are some things to keep in mind when doing so.

Be empathic

These are tentative and troubling times for everyone. As a business you should focus less on selling your services because customers can see through opportunist strategies. Instead, recognize that with a little empathy and guidance you can encourage you customers to practice social distancing and stay at home.

Provide comfort and relief

What measures can you take to provide your customers with relief? Avoid charging cancellation fees and be more accommodating to the needs of customers. Pharmacies like CVS Caremark are also getting rid of early refill limits on prescription medication that is meant to last 30 days.


Using AR to showcase products

When everyone has to stay indoors and leaving your home is not an option, the internet comes to the rescue from serving basic needs to providing entertainment options to pass the time.

How can augmented reality application development help?

  1. This is where making augmented reality a part of your business, even if it’s not e-commerce based is crucial. AR helps you showcase your products more easily on the internet and allows customers to compare different products.
  2. With the entire world home bound, AR gamification is an excellent way to provide your customers with entertainment as they continue to interact with the products online. You can also attract newer customers and learn more about the needs of prospective buyers for the future.
  3. AR also helps create a more appealing environment allowing customers a new and different experience that can make them feel like they’re shopping in stores while they’re in the comfort of their own homes.

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