How to Keep Your Laptop Cool

Did you know: The Japanese Kyocera Kyotronic, introduced in 1983, was the first successful laptop computer!

Indeed laptops have become more compact and powerful since then. They offer improved CPU performance facilitated by electronic chips that are tightly packed with transistors.

Laptops with even more slim cases consists more number of processors along with graphic cards to support big screens with high resolutions. However, all these things come at a cost… excess heating.

Overheating laptop – How do you know?

If your laptop gets too hot, even when the fans are working at full speed, it is a sign of an overheating laptop. To escape the pressure from heat, the CPU may even cut back its clock speed which may affect its performance. Added to this, your laptop may shut down suddenly to prevent any damage to the hardware.

Of course, over heating is one of the greatest threats to a laptop. It can lead to hardware failure and cause permanent damage to it. Every laptop user looks to extend the lifespan of their laptop. Following are few steps to help them fix or prevent an overheating laptop.

1. Fix the internal cooling

To prevent the laptop from overheating, there is a fan, or fans, installed inside the CPU to keep all the components cool. These fans require regular cleaning otherwise they can build up layers of dirt and dust that affects how they function.

Did you know: Microsoft developed its first Windows operating system in 1995, streamlining the design of future laptops!

2. Get a cooling pad or laptop cooler

Laptop coolers offer extra cooling to laptops. Since most laptops keep themselves cool by sucking air from the bottom, laptop coolers sit under the laptop and blow cool air upwards into the laptop.

However, getting the wrong laptop cooler can actually worsen the problem for you. It may just sit underneath and suck air away from the laptop causing it to overheat. Purchase a laptop cooler that blows cool air upwards.

3. Always keep the laptop on a hard surface


Since most laptops keep themselves cool by sucking cool air from their bottoms, avoid obstructing their airflow. Do not put them over your lap, pillows and blankets because these allow heat to build up and the sucked in air gets hot resulting in the overheating of the laptop.


Always keep you laptops over a hard surface such as your study table or a laptop stand.

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