Keeping Online Bullies Away: How To Deal With Bad Online Reviews

Negative reviews about your business can be hurtful, financially and emotionally. They can get to you in ways unimaginable. They can be cruel, harsh and downright personal.

There’s no way to avoid them: bad reviews will always be there.

But you can address them in an effective manner. Dealing with bad reviews is important because 97% of consumers look for reviews before making a purchase, and around 60% of them tend to form an opinion about your services after reading a few of these reviews.

Nobody goes out of their way to shame a company. Bad reviews are harsh, but they come from a genuinely hurt place—from a really bad experience.

When it comes to dealing with bad reviews, you need exceptional customer representatives on board who understand the importance of conflict resolution and deal with the issue instantly.

What Can Be Considered A Good Customer Service?

Customer service is based on three important aspects: eliminating the root cause, valuing the customer’s time and sacrificing yourself to provide exceptional support. In order to give their best, your customer service representatives need to have some flexibility on how they can work around certain and policies and protocols to handle a difficult customer. They need to know that the company won’t penalize them for offering compensation to the angry customer—who was otherwise threatening to sue the company.

The following are the attitudes you need to avoid when dealing with bad online reviews:

Getting Defensive

“Hello, Bob! We’re sorry the product wasn’t delivered to you on time. But let us take this opportunity to tell you that this does not come under our jurisdiction. Our company deals with big names in the industry, and this issue has never cropped up from our end. Please refer to our customer handbook to understand our policies and protocol and speak with the courier service to get this issue resolved. Have a great day!”

The above hypothetical response from a customer representative is passive aggressive. It does not take ownership of the problem caused, puts the blame on someone else and leaves the customer to sort the problem out by themselves. Toward the end, it also invalidates the customer’s experience.

Even if the problem was beyond the company’s jurisdiction, it is still not the customer’s responsibility to get in touch with the courier service all by themselves without the company taking some responsibility of it. Remember that getting defensive about your services does not look good for your customer service.

Getting Dragged Into An Online Battle

What happens on the internet stays on the internet…forever!

Regardless of how exceptional your customer service is and how well thought out the reply was, you may often run into an online troll who just wants to complain about how bad your service is. Don’t let this get to you; don’t start typing out fiery responses. Don’t let this escalate.

Hey! We understand your frustration. We’re happy to understand the situation and work with you to resolve the issue. Please get in touch with us via email!”

This can be your life saver. After the first few exchanges, if the customer still hasn’t calmed down, ask them to get in touch with you offline. Other customers will be able to see that you’re being reasonable and willing to work through the issue—while the other party is being stubborn.

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