The Key Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses

With instances of industrial vandalism and employee theft on the rise, on-premises security is becoming a growing concern for business owners in the United States.

Consequently, many companies are investing in smart building automation systems with integrated access control to boost security of their mission-critical assets.

A well-designed access control system provides you with better control on who’s entering and leaving your premises, thus allowing you to curb virtually all security threats. However, better security isn’t the only advantage of an access control system offers. Let’s take a look at some of its other prominent benefits.

Enables Multi-Locations Access

For companies that have multiple locations, an access control system makes it easy for the employees and managers to traverse from one location to another without any issues. This is a much better solution than having to provide multiple physical keys to every manager and employee.

Lower Energy Costs

Another prominent benefit of access control systems is that they can be integrated with other modules of a building automation system, such as the lighting and HVAC system. A sophisticated integrated access control system will notify you which areas of the premises need to be lit, cooled or heated at any specific moment. For instance, after someone has entered a particular area, the access control system will send a signal to the BAS to turn the lights and HVAC on in that area.

This will result in significant energy savings as you’ll avoid lighting up, cooling or heating any room that doesn’t need to be.

Recording and Maintaining and Entry Log

Besides being able to revoke or modify privileges that come with an employee access card, an access control system can also record and store data regarding all the personnel that enter and exit your business premises. As soon as a person presents their key card, the system will promptly record the location, date, time, and details of the person who has gained access.

There are two ways in which this helps the management. Firstly, it makes you accurately track employee absences and tardiness. Secondly, if there’s vandalism or burglary, the access control system data would provide you the details of the personnel that were inside the premises at the time of incident.


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