Key Benefits of Using an Electronic Logging Device

Electronic Logging Devices have become quite popular in the trucking industry. They have replaced the traditional way of logging hours and staying compliant with the FMCSA. Their operational efficacy has led the FMCSA to make the use of ELDs compulsory in most commercial motor vehicles.

Apart from helping to remain compliant with relevant DOT rules and regulations, there are various other benefits of having ELDs installed on your vehicles. You can also get the help of a DOT compliance consultant to help you better understand the efficacy of ELDs. Here are some key benefits of using these electronic devices.

Smooth Administration

One of the key benefits of getting an electronic logging device is that it helps reduce the administrative burden on trucking companies. The last thing you need is to get stuck on a pile of paperwork when you can devise strategies to improve your business. ELDs save you from this hassle, as they automatically track and record relevant information regarding vehicle movement, drivers’ hours. Having ELDs installed in your CMV’s will help you save a lot of time, costs, and energy.

Accurate CMV Diagnostics

You’d be surprised to know that ELDs can help you set up a preventative maintenance schedule for your vehicle. These devices are installed in your CMV’s diagnostic port and help to monitor any potential faults. Real-time information is relayed to you and helps you prevent any faults and issues with your vehicle. Apart from real-time alerts, you can get comprehensive reports about the various issues in your CMV. Taking proactive measures at the right time prevents unnecessary downtime and promotes efficiency and productivity.

Location & Route Management

Having ELDs installed in your vehicles will allow you to track them through GPS. It will give you updated, real-time information on the whereabouts of your vehicle and will help you plan your route accordingly. Furthermore, you don’t need to be on your drivers’ heels every time you need an update, as you can track the position of your vehicle through the ELDs.

Better location and route plans allow for more streamlined operations and help achieve operational efficacy and productivity. Furthermore, it will enable you to save money on fuel and other expenses to plan your route and avoid heavy traffic areas.

Helps Improve CSA Scores

Another key benefit of ELDs is that it helps to improve your CSA scores. You can avoid road-side violations with the help of ELDs. The risk of outdated logs and driver hours are eliminated with these electronic devices as everything is recorded instantaneously. You can observe lousy driving behaviors and can make effective decisions promptly. All these help improve your CSA scores and ensure that you’re complying with DOT rules and regulations.

route planning on a laptop.

ELDs are here to stay, and you should make the most of this technology. If you’re wondering how to implement ELDs in your business and handle other aspects of trucking compliance, such as CSA scores and maintaining driver qualification files, then check out the services provided by Compliance Service Bureau

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