How LANKAR Saved My Auto-Repair Shop

For a long time, I lived under the delusion that being an auto-shop owner is an area that doesn’t have much to do with technology. After all, I started with a bunch of tools and whole lot of skills. The only technology I was concerned with was the one automotive companies were introducing in their vehicles. Quite frankly, I turned out to be a good learner. In my thirty years of experience, I managed to ace almost every technology that has touched the streets.

For two decades, I stood quite proud of my skills and the word spread around like wild fire. My clientele was expanding and I decided to expand my operations by opening an even bigger auto shop and hiring more staff than I had.

The Move

Making a smart move, I chose a location that was deemed exceptionally profitable for automotive related business. It was close enough for my old clientele yet also opened window to the prospect of winning more clients from other more affluent neighborhoods. The shop was decorated and furnished as per their standards.

It seemed like a great move until I realized that the size of responsibility increases with the size of shops.

The Problems

While I had plenty of my previous clients coming to me, I had a number of new ones every day. It was getting tougher for me to memorize the issues with each vehicle in order to assign it to the right repairman in the workshop.

Since the number of clients was increasing, I had to tell some of my customers to wait while I talked to the other. Next thing you know, their car was standing outside the next-door Joe. It was the first time I realize how it feels to actually be in the competition.

The problems literally blew out of proportion when the payday arrived and it took me a whole week to process the salaries of my staff. Furious, two of them left the job, one of whom was the accountant who was assisting me.

Frustrated, I was wondering if my business was actually ready for the growth or was I just being too wishful.

The Solution

Before giving up, I decided to look into how my competitors were actually managing such a huge clientele in the same sized auto shop. I visited their website to realize how they were boasting about fully automated process; it hit me.

Of course, being associated with the automotive industry how can I miss that automation is the key to future. Further digging into automotive management systems led me to LANKAR.

The first thing I noticed, it answered all of my main concerns: payroll, scheduling, inventory, and invoices. It was an all-in-one shop management solution. I opted for a free trial, and never looked back again.

Not only my business has grown three-folds, the growth has been smooth and manageable. So, if saying LANKAR saved my auto business sounds like an overstatement, trust me—it isn’t.


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