How Leak Detection Systems Can Benefit Your Business?

If you’re afraid of plumbing leaks in your facility, this blog is for you. It’s important to safeguard your premises against water damage, but in many cases, a leak isn’t detected until it’s too late.

However, installing a leak detection system within your facility can go a long way to prevent water damage caused by leakages.

With leak detection systems, you’ll be alerted to even the minutest of leaks. This will give you enough time to deal with the leaks quickly.

Let’s look at how leak detection systems can benefit your business!

Ultimate protection for data centers

Normally, communication rooms, data centers, and other information technology-dependent structures use leak detection systems to safeguard these crucial assets from both floods and fire. This is done by acquiring a timely notification of an incident, allowing relevant personnel to take appropriate preventative measures. This helps businesses control leaking water from drainage, water pipes, and AC and HVAC units, thereby preventing disruptions.

If data centers aren’t protected with leak detection systems, they would be exposed to serious risks, which may lead to data loss. If important data is lost, the company might not be able to recover again. Thus, not using leak detection systems may pose a serious threat to business continuity and business survival.

In facilities like data centers, the quicker a leak is identified, the lesser the subsequent disruptions and damage—and leak detection systems help with this. These systems don’t just detect the smallest of leaks but can also pinpoint the precise location to prevent additional damage.

If leak detection systems aren’t used, leaks wouldn’t be detected until they’ve done enough damage – this is when you’ll start noticing it visually or by odor. Thanks to the location-specific data that PermAlert’s FM-approved leak detection systems provide, not much time is spent investigating where the leak has occurred. Plus, early detection reduces the cost of repairing the leak.

Moreover, loss-related risks associated with data centers aren’t limited to the physical loss of equipment but can also include the potential losses that a business may face in terms of applicable financial penalties. In addition, the equipment and impact failure won’t just raise general concerns about loss of information but will also distort the business’s image in the eyes of their customers or clients.

We’re living in 2021, an era where data centers have become quite high-tech. Their highly controlled environments reflect the sensitivity and complexity of the equipment they contain. Because data centers should be managed well, they must be safeguarded from pollution, dirt, temperature change, moisture, flood, smoke, and fire. Now, data centers must fit leak detection systems on cooling towers, conditioning units, and chilled water piping, which are linked to the mainframe system of business for process monitoring and control, and are centrally managed.

Plus, many server facilities and data centers are located in rooms or buildings that have been retrofitted to accommodate IT equipment and activities. Often, these rooms are located adjacent to or below plant rooms where hot/cold water feeds may flow or where tanks or water sources may be present. However, air-conditioning and plumbing aren’t the only sources of potential water damage – blocked guttering and leaking roofs may also cause water damage.

Most recognized data center operators around the world trust PermAlert. With their advanced leak detection systems, PermAlert safeguards critical infrastructure from unexpected leaks that cause service interruptions.

Hospitals can benefit from leak detection technologies

In medical office buildings, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, leak detection systems can be a true game-changer. If leaks remain undetected within these facilities, the impact would be immense. In fact, medical office buildings are particularly vulnerable to damage from leaks due to the presence of various water-fed equipment in dental and medical offices. Plus, water can easily spread, affecting adjacent offices.

The structure isn’t the only thing that’s at risk; the costly medical equipment is at risk too. If water leaks onto the floor, it’ll create a hazard for both employees and patients. The mold may also compromise indoor air quality. And if shutting the building down for repairs becomes necessary, patients may miss out on critical services like dialysis and oncology.

Nobody can predict water leaks; they can occur any time, anywhere in the building. However, that doesn’t mean one can’t mitigate risks. By installing leak detection systems from PermAlert, you’ll be good to go. With automatic shut-off valves, sensors, and probes, one can install leak detection systems on the main supply line (for wide-area protection) or near water-fed equipment.

If you’re looking for a leak detection system for your healthcare facility, reach out to PermAlert. PermAlert’s leak detection system can detect chemical leaks, fuel, and water ingress before they lead to health hazards.

Leak detection systems are ideal for commercial buildings

Today, every commercial building should be equipped with leak detection systems. This can help building owners save time and money on maintenance while keeping their commercial properties in top-notch condition. Here’s how leak detection systems can benefit commercial buildings:

  • Useful for partially occupied commercial buildings: The majority of commercial buildings aren’t fully occupied. Flooding and burst pipes can destroy the property without anyone even realizing it. The leak detection systems of today can alert the relevant personnel of any leaks, preventing water damages that happen without detection.
  • Lesser long-term maintenance costs: If problems remain undetected, they’ll become costly down the line. However, leak detection systems will help you resolve the issue before the leak snowballs into a catastrophe. This means you won’t have to spend huge amounts of money later.
  • Prevents water damage: There’s no doubt that water damages burn a hole in your pocket. So, why not invest in a good leak detection system now and save yourself from spending a good chunk of your money on repairing water damages.
  • Water safety: If pipe leaks, contaminants may seep into the water supply. With leak detection technologies, you’ll be able to resolve the problem faster, ensuring that the people within the commercial buildings remain safe.
  • Lower water bills: If your water bills are spiraling out of control, turn to a leak detection system. Often, ignoring a leak even if you’re aware of it is easy. This is where leak detection systems can help. Because they come with additional features like timely reminders, you’ll be able to resolve water leak issues without much delay.

If leaks within commercial buildings go unnoticed for a prolonged period, they can even impact the building’s structural integrity while delaying the office schedules and business operations. PermAlert can help in this regard. With their leak detection systems, PermAlert will detect leaks before they turn into a major problem.

Leak detection systems are a necessity for the oil & gas industry

Leak detection systems continue to become an important technology for the oil & gas sector, with many people considering it as a positive investment in safety. Numerous countries have set forth regulatory requirements for leak detection, making leak detection systems quite important. In fact, leak detection systems offer owner-operators with some added insurance against undetected ruptures or leaks that may lead to substantial environmental, operational, and financial harm.

By maintaining operational integrity, leak detection systems can reduce the frequency of abnormal events and accidents. This helps mitigate the negative impact (in terms of profitability, environment, and safety) that leaks have on oil & gas facilities.

There’s no doubt that professionals within the oil & gas sector think that leak detection systems can help mitigate risk by preventing catastrophic leaks, related operational and financial implications. These systems can also help in reducing damage to a company’s reputation, regulatory oversight, and fines. In summary, leak detection systems can help the oil & gas sector by:

  • Detecting liquids in single or multipurpose pipelines
  • Operating robustly in non-ideal circumstances
  • Accurately detecting and reporting the location and flow of the leak
  • Minimizing false alarms by reliably alarming real leaks
  • Detecting even the minutest of leaks quickly

PermAlert builds world-class leak detection system technology for not just pipelines but critical infrastructure with heightened safety, alerts, and monitoring to safeguard oil & gas assets.

Address your leak detection challenges and ensure maximum protection of your assets with PermAlert’s FM-approved leak detection systems

PermAlert is a leading provider of liquid leak detection systems. For more than 30 years, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a multitude of leak detection systems for various applications. Our dedication to innovation enables us to offer the most reliable solution for you.

Call us now for more information about our intelligent leak detection system!

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