Limit These Activities That Drain Your Android’s Energy

90% of people experience ‘Low Battery Anxiety’, facing personal and professional life consequences due to battery shortages, claims LG Electronics, USA.


Battery drainage can prove to be a big inconvenience to an Android user.

According to an online survey by Scientific American, one of the biggest shortcomings of a smartphone is its battery life. Some activities cause battery drainage a lot faster than others. To minimize energy drain, limit the following activities:


Vibration Mode

The ‘Vibrate on touch’ and/or ‘Vibrate when ringing’ setting causes the entire body of the mobile device to move. This is why putting an Android on vibration leads to the battery running low more frequently.

Reducing the intensity of the vibration or simply turning this setting off will help maximize the device’s energy.

Samsung users can easily fine tune this setting for activities such as notifications and calls.

High Screen Brightness

Using a smartphone at an unnecessary level of brightness is the main reason behind zapping energy from an Android device. Samsung mobiles that auto-adjust screen brightness is extremely useful in this situation.

Having a more than 1-minute time-out setting will only drain the device’s battery that much faster. A more reasonable choice is 30 seconds.


Live Wallpapers

Bright colored live wallpapers may add some personality to the device. It also drains the Android’s battery. Instead, choose darker colored themes for your Home Screen and the effects will be immediate.

Connectivity Features

At times, when services such as Wi-Fi, Location and Bluetooth are not in use, it’s better to simply turn them off. Users have these features running the entire day—even when they are not using them.

Instead of turning off your Wi-Fi, Android users can use Airplane Mode.  A lot less battery power will be expended this way.

Unused Apps

Applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Outlook and Amazon can really do a number on your Android’s battery. Minimize the usage of these apps or at least turn push notifications off so that the battery isn’t wasted.


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