Have Limited Work-Experience? Here’s How You Can Get An Entry-Level Cloud Computing Job

Don’t you just hate it when you come across job openings that require a certain level of work experience? While we’re not denying the importance of having relevant experience under your belt, sometimes, that’s just not an option.

How can you impress recruiters with limited work experience in cloud computing? We’ve got a few tips for you.

Build an Impressive Portfolio

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t gained a lot of work experience in the limited time you worked at an organization or attended training courses. Use what you have been able to accomplish in this time to create your portfolio.

You can use whatever projects you’ve worked on so far, even if they were part of your training experience. Focus on the main objectives of each project, how you tackled the challenges that arose along the way, and what you achieved from it. Make sure that your work isn’t inconsistent, as this can put off employers.

Remove any confidential information from previous projects. The more you add to your portfolio, the more impressive statement you’ll be making on recruiters as your portfolio will represent your skill and expertise.

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Provide Strong References

References go a long way when it comes to job applications. Having your former or current professors, supervisors, and mentors vouch for you and your abilities leaves a good impression on recruiters and gives them an insight into who you are as a person.

Reference letters don’t just share information about the person’s skills, knowledge, and work ethic. They also share aspects of their personality traits and personal values. Strong reference letters will make an impact on people reading them. This is why even if you have limited work experience, get individuals you’ve worked with or mentored under to write positive references for you so that your potential employers are more likely to hire you at their organization.

Network, Network, & Network!

We can’t emphasize this enough. Professional networking is extremely effective when it comes to searching for jobs and getting a call for an interview. It helps you build ties with people in the same industry as yourself, and allows you to meet new people in relevant lines of work.

So, how do you expand your professional network? Start by reaching out to people you know. Friends, acquaintances, friends of friends—whoever fits the bill. Let them know that you’re interested in a cloud computing job and are looking for projects to expand your portfolio. They might be able to introduce to people they know who could use your talent, enthusiasm, and skills.

Focus on building relationships with these contacts. Request meetings, ask for advice and talk about your shared love of cloud computing so that they can see how you may add to their project.

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