Why LIMS Validation Is Necessary

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are innovative and user-friendly.

The global market is worth $1.9 billion, and thousands of labs now use LIMS for their compliance needs. LIMS validation is a process that has numerous benefits.

Most assume that LIMS validation is only for clinical labs, FDA-regulated devices, or pharmaceutical companies. However, LIMS validation should be carried out by all labs, even research organizations.

What is LIMS Validation?

Labs use Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to comply with the regular standards set by government agencies. Similarly, the LIMS also has to conform to certain FDA standards.

Through LIMS validation, you’re ensuring that the software is doing what it has been designed to do and meeting all the requirements in a reproducible and consistent manner. For LIMS validation, the system needs to meet the FDA guidelines.

LIMS validation can be done manually, or you can automate the process to save time, effort, and resources.

FDA audits labs and ensures that all information systems in the laboratory are meeting the specifications and LIMS validation is just one aspect of it.

Why Should I Validate My LIMS?

There are many reasons for verifying and validating your LIMS. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The Intended Use

If you install and configure a LIMS only to find out that it doesn’t meet your requirements, you will be wasting valuable resources, including time and money. To test your system before usage, you have to validate the LIMS. Instead of backtracking, you can simply stop using the LIMS.

Monetary Savings

You can use a LIMS with different features and change the configuration as well to make it more cost-effective. However, if you don’t properly verify and validate it, you might have to deal with many costs and loss of revenue.


The main aspect of lab information management systems is traceability. When you validate the LIMS, you’re ensuring it matches each requirement and that all technical risks have been addressed.

Best LIMS Software Provider

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