Listing Spare Parts Of Main Engine To Be Carried Onboard


Almost every driver has an extra wheel when driving a car. Ships are a little different. They don’t depend on wheels, and both main and auxiliary engines are highly efficient.

However, the complex engineering requires infinite number of small parts and fittings to work properly. Even if a single part breaks or malfunctions, it can cause huge trouble during your journey.

Adequate number of spare parts and necessary tools required for repair and general maintenance must be present on board. Manufacturer’s recommendation regarding number of spare parts should be taken into account for this purpose.

Here’s a general list to help you start:

  1. Main bearings or shells:Bearings or shells for bearings of each type and size—complete with nuts, bolts and shims—should be taken.

Failure of even one unit can render the engine incapable to operate. Continuing to operate with damaged parts will cause permanent failure of moving parts and crankshaft. Consequently, damages like CC explosion can take place.

  1. Cylinder liner:One set of cylinder liner complete with gaskets and joint rings must be ready at all times. Troubles such as cylinder liner crack, leaky or-rings, and seizure can occur in the engine.

Thus, it is better to always have at least one complete set. You can keep as many as possible to avoid failure risk.

  1. Cylinder head assembly:Again, one full set is mandatory. The cover must be complete with valves, gaskets and joints rings.

For coverless engines, respective valves for a single cylinder unit must be present. Studs or bolts, and nuts must be present as applicable for the cylinder cover.

  1. Valves:A number of different valves should be present.

Two sets of exhaust valves with seats, casings, springs and all other fittings are necessary. Fuel system failures can cause problems with exhaust valves. Since access to these valves is not always available, the ship must have at least two sets.

One set each of air inlet, starting air, relief and fuel injection valves must be present. These should be complete with all necessary fittings and accessories. It is recommended that a number of sets are available, but one of each is absolutely necessary.

  1. Connecting rod bearings:One set of both bottom and top end bearings should be available. These are critical spare parts; check their availability before starting the journey.
  2. Piston:Along with pistons, one set of piston rings and cooling must also be present. Crosshead type and trunk pistons must be available with all the necessary fittings.

Gear and chain, cylinder lubricators, fuel injection pumps and piping, scavenge blowers and system accessories, reverse gear, and gaskets and packings should also be available.

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