LMS Predictions and Trends for 2022

As is often the case, a new year brings forth reflection on the past and expectations for the future. That’s also true for technology, as the learning management systems industry is valued at $15.72 billion. As LMS systems are adopted into more organizations, the changes in the system due to it being a competitive market have increased too. Let’s look at some predictions and trends we’ll be seeing in 2022.

1. Gamified Learning for a More Engaging Experience

Information retention after listening to lectures where one just stands and drones on about a certain topic is around 5%. It’s difficult for people to pay attention to a homogenous course, and even in personalized courses, some people might become exhausted quickly. A way introduced to make learning more exciting and capture people’s attention is gamification.

Gamified learning is not completely a new trend but has gained even more popularity, so we must add it to the list of the biggest LMS system trends for 2022. Gamification keeps learners motivated, engaged, and excited for what’s to come next. Most of us have grown up playing games like Mario Kart and have created lasting memories. Now we can have lasting information and skills through a gamified learning experience.

2. Cloud-Based LMS Solutions for Cost-Efficiency

There is a growing demand for cloud-based solutions. This will impact the e-learning environment, and businesses will switch to cloud-based LMS solutions. Cloud-based technology is adopted in large corporations and SMEs. This is because it allows these companies to focus on core competencies and not worry about their assets becoming obsolete.

Cloud-based models are not only beneficial for companies when focusing on core competencies, but they also benefit because it’s cost-efficient. For a dispersed workforce, arranging on-site training is immensely difficult. A cloud platform in an LMS system makes training easier and accessible for everyone regardless of where they are. They can get support instantly, and it’s also easy to localize the courses if there is a very diverse labor force in your organization.

Cloud-based training management system


3. More Focus on Microlearning and Social Learning

Currently, one of the hottest trends in learning management systems is microlearning and social learning. Microlearning makes it easier for people to retain information and learn new skills by breaking it into small pieces.

According to recent research, multitasking can make learning difficult and learners keep retaining lesser information as the learning progresses. Another study has concluded that when a smaller amount of material is presented, learners retain that information better. This makes a case in favor of microlearning. Moreover, some people learn well when they can imitate others, so social learning is also expected to be in trend this year.

4. Blended-Learning Models Will Become a Norm

Online learning became the norm during quarantine, and many places have announced their decision to continue the practices they adopted during these times. However, in 2022 we’ll be seeing a mix of learning. According to the statistics, learning management systems are effective as there are 73.8 million users currently, which keeps on rising.

LMS systems can be made better through blended-learning models. Learners in a blended-learning model can access multiple types of educational content with facilitated learning. Learners will also look for built-in collaboration, video, and audio-conferencing features.



5. Learner Engagement will be Encouraged

Implementing an LMS system where learners are inactive and uninterested is useless. No organization, regardless of the learning management system they’re employing, will be able to see any results if there is no active learner engagement. A way to overcome it through an LMS system is another thing we’re predicting will be in trend in 2022.

Most LMS systems will likely feature discussion boards, forums, Q&A sessions, and other engagement options to create an active learner experience. Organizations can also use this as a key parameter when picking an LMS system for themselves.

6. Multi-Format Digital Content Will be Incorporated

LMS systems are so popular for training because of their many features; one of them is providing access to multiple course libraries. In addition, organizations will also check if an LMS system has multiple digital contents such as presentations, infographics, videos, etc. In 2022, we’re expecting the demand for multi-format content to increase.

Decision-makers, business leaders, and HR leaders will likely opt for an LMS system that allows users to pick from multiple options to study from. Many organizations already prefer an LMS system for employee training with various digital libraries, but this is expected to increase.

Multi-format digital media content


7. Big Data Will Make its Way into all LMS Systems

Big data is used to get meaningful insights from what will appear to most people as a jumble of messy data. Through this, we can find hidden patterns, trends, preferences, and previously unknown correlations. Since it has invaded nearly every industry, decision-makers would also want to use this for learning.

There are already E-learning management systems that use predictive analytics to improve the learning process. Big data can be leveraged further to gather real-time data about the learners to find room for improvement and find more features to add to LMS systems that can benefit learners.

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