Lost Your Phone? Here Is What You Should Do

Is your smartphone stolen? Your smartphone is more than just a communication device. Put simply, it contains a huge chunk of your personal data and information. From personal photos and videos to work emails, there is a bit of everything in it. Once stolen, an unknown party could easily access your confidential information.

That is why it’s critical to undertake prevention measures to protect your phone. Passcode, for example, helps secure the device.

However, what should you do if you didn’t set the passcode? Below are some steps you should take immediately after losing your phone:

Install PhoneAngel

The easiest way to track your phone is through PhoneAngel. The phone tracking company strives to help individuals recover what is rightfully theirs.

Create an account on PhoneAngel website. Fill out your personal details, including first name, last name, state, city, phone, phone brand, etc. Also, pick a username a password that you will use every time you sign in. The phone tracking service will reveal the location of your lost smart phone.

There’s no denying that PhoneAngel is a quick, reliable and safe way to retrieve a lost smartphone. But, it’s better to sign up at PhoneAngel before you lose your phone. After all, prevention is key. Once you’re a member, the chances of getting your lost phone back increase significantly.

Whether you’ve lost an iPhone or Android, you can use PhoneAngel to retrieve both brands safely.

Change passwords of online accounts

Securing online accounts is imperative to protecting them from unauthorized use. Log in to your online accounts through another smartphone or desktop. Change the passwords of all accounts, including email, social networks, messaging groups, and more. This will prevent the unauthorized person handling your phone from accessing your personal accounts, contacts, apps, etc.

Block your SIM

Ask your telecommunication company to blocking your SIM card. You need to get your SIM card blocked as soon as you can. Firstly, it will prevent the misuse of your call data. Secondly, you would need your personal contact number to verify WhatsApp and other messaging accounts.

Once the card is blocked, your telecommunication company will provide you the same number on a new SIM card.

Inform your friends and family about the theft

Before the thief starts impersonating you, inform your loved ones that your phone has been stolen.

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