How to Make a B2B Video Stand Out

B2B marketing has taken a shift over the last few years. A recent study by LinkedIn showed that video marketing is seen as the most important and creative way of boosting businesses. But with the internet is swarmed with thousands of videos, how do you make yours stand out?

Keep it short

Gone are the days when people had the patience to sit through 10-30 minute corporate videos. Video lengths have been cut down shorter over the years; movies, documentaries and advertisements all have a shorter run times now, so why would a B2B video not follow suit?

The world has gotten a lot faster-paced, and that includes video footage. Clients don’t often have the time to watch a video longer than 3-5 minutes. Exceeding this time span can greatly hamper your marketing strategy.

By focusing on content that can be covered in 1-2 minutes, you’re keeping the client interested and informed about your business’s significance.

Deloitte’s one minute forty-three seconds long prediction video is a great example of how you can keep your audience engaged about your research and services. Keep the video short and engaging; you don’t want your clients skipping the remaining footage because it was too long!


Connect with the audience

Video-making is all about connecting with your target audience. Your clients want to watch something they can resonate with—be it through humor or emotive storytelling.

FreshBooks used a creative approach in their testimonial video in which a customer talked about her own experience using the software and how the service helped her. By focusing on her personal struggles, the video comes across as simple and persuasive, and makes the audience resonate with what she has to say.

Producing relatable content is crucial for a B2B film to be successful, and when done in a creative and unique way, can help the company boost its business significantly. Instead of focusing just on the technical nitty gritty, a good video needs to incorporate a personal element to keep the audiences engaged throughout.

Call to Action

Having a strong call to action (CTA) in your video can change the way your viewers comprehend your entire content. The whole point of a B2B clip is to generate leads, and adding a solid CTA can make or break this.

A call to action can appear anywhere in the video, but typically toward the end of the video, and is basically a request that encourages viewers to take a specific action.

This can be done in a number of ways—verbal indication or adding an annotation to the video with a link attached. This could be a link to the website, a sign-up form, or another URL that will evoke some sort of action.

Whatever you choose, be sure to end on a good CTA to ensure maximum customers!

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