Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Better Than Ever With These Trends

Email marketing, contrary to what some might believe, is very much alive and well!

A large number of businesses still rely on email marketing to promote services and products. They share information, connect with clients and customers and alert them with regard to anything interesting happening.

Email marketing, however, like other areas of digital marketing, changes from time to time in tandem with the technological landscape. Simply put, email marketing trends and techniques change. In order to ensure your e-marketing strategies are on point and efficient, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends.


Keeping this in mind, here are some effective and useful email marketing trends that you might want to incorporate in your upcoming e-marketing campaigns. They should boost effectiveness and help put your business out there!

  1. Mobile Friendly

A large number of people today use their phones more than they do computers and tablets. This includes checking emails. Very often, you might have noticed that certain emails are not mobile friendly due to the way they are formatted.

This means you lose on a lot of potential clients and customers simply because they cannot access what you are sending them easily. Ensure that your emails are formatted for mobile use as in this day and age, that’s half of your client base!


  1. Text is Where It’s At

Gone are the days of flamboyant emails equipped with oversized, brightly colored text and inundated with, sometimes needless and bothersome images. The latest trends dictate that simple text is the best way to go. Through simple text, your emails are more accessible as they load easier. Further, you can provide more information with the space you save! Last but not least, clients and customers find them a little more bearable!

  1. List Segmentation

This is when you organize your mailing lists based on specific client and customer needs and preferences.

This ensures you don’t flood the wrong customers with irrelevant updates and lose them. It also means emails sent by you will probably land up in the right inboxes. That is, those where they will likely be read and not deleted off the bat.

  1. Interactive Options

Interactive emails are a trend from last year that still seems to be going strong. Buttons, puzzles, charts and surveys are all additions that can help make your emails interactive.

  1. Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence is making its into businesses the world over. From leaning machines to other smart technology, developers and programmers seem to be in over drive. Marketing is yet another job we seem to want AI to facilitate.

AI driven e-marketing is how it is done and a number of companies are slowly investing in software like Adobe to help streamline their processes.


So, there you have it! Some fantastic—and effective—ways you can really up your e-marketing game. You can even look into email marketing services for that extra push! Stay on top of trends and your marketing strategies will remain strong!

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