How To Make Smart Keyless Door Entry Systems Safer

What was considered a former luxury has now become a necessary safety feature. First introduced in 1982 by the manufacturers of Renault Fuego, the keyless entry car system has left the traditional key far behind.

An incredible way of accessing your car without using the clunky, traditional key, a smart keyless door entry system is the future for cars as well as homes.

Keyless Door Entry System for Homes and Businesses

Security conscious homes and businesses are turning to this incredible system for a number of reasons. Unlike keyless car entry systems, users merely require to press their chosen security code to enter. This allows easy access control for the property as security codes can be distributed to people requiring access to the building. This also offers peace of mind to the home or business owner.

The convenience factor of smart keyless door entry systems is another benefit. Home and business owners won’t have to worry about making spare keys or keeping track of all the copies with such an effective locking system in place.

The enhanced security offered by keyless entry systems over conventional locks is by far more superior; however home and business owners must still exercise caution.

Easy to Follow Tips to Ensure A Safe Keyless Entry System

Make this system more secure for your business and home:

Ensure to Change Security Code At Least Twice In a Year

In today’s world, we require a password for everything. Yes, it can get annoying to keep track and actually remember passwords and pass-codes. Additionally, people tend to reuse the same old passwords for important applications such as online banking, Netflix account, and even their store’s safe. We don’t realize how important it’s to think of unique passwords in the first place, something that becomes worse as those passwords aren’t changed at all. It’s imperative to change the password of your keyless entry system at least twice in a year, to maximize safety.

Use a High Number of Digits on the Password

Security experts reckon the best pass-codes or passwords are those that feature a many digits. Users try to maximize their own comfort and convenience. Therefore, they likely won’t use hard to remember digits in the password. Or users might use a straightforward combination of digits (such as 12345678) which is easy to remember than difficult digit combinations. Most manufacturers allow users to set security codes that comprise as little as 4 digits to as many as 8 with keyless lock systems.

Stor-Guard, an Oregon based business and home security provider, recommends users of their products to always choose the maximum number of digits allowed when constructing their security code. Business and home owners can also jack up security on their premises by using their excellent keyless entry systems that are designed keeping security, convenience and user’s ease in mind.

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