What Is It That Makes People Click on Search Ads?

There’s a good reason behind why paid search ads appear above organic search results—people click on them, and they lead to sales.

A report revealed that 33% of search engine users click on paid search ads because they believed PPC ads directly answered their search queries.

What’s more surprising is that 49% of users are more likely to click on search ads than shopping ads.

So what is that makes people click on specific search ads?

Let’s take a look:

1.    Relevancy

While organic search results may or may not be relevant to search queries, PPC ads most probably are. Paid search ads contain specific words that may have matched with the user’s query; the user’s consumer profile is likely aligned with the ad’s parameters.

2.    Buzz Words

Users are more attracted to words like “deal”, “sale”, and “clearance” when they’re searching for specific products. These buzz words aren’t usually mentioned in organic search results.

Companies use PPC ad campaigns to advertise clearance sales and special offers because they generate results.


3.    Brand Names

Because PPC ad campaigns have a short word limit, advertisers must ensure the text draws attention.

Statistics show that users are more likely to click on PPC ads that contain brand names they recognize; this is also why companies must invest in brand-building strategies in the digital space.

4.    Ads Are Tailored to Customers

Organic search results show the company’s websites and the products and services they offer. Paid search campaigns are tailored to the needs of customers.

Advertisers have to create compelling, customer-focused descriptions that instantly draw attention from users who are actively searching for products and services that they’re promoting.

PPC ads list the company’s unique selling points, including years of experience, turnaround time, free perks, etc., leading to more clicks.

To get the most out of paid search ads, hire a digital marketing agency to design and run your campaigns.

An experienced digital marketing agency will know how to create effective ads that target profitable market segments.

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