Making Sense of a Website Redesign: Steps You Should Leave to the Pros

As an online marketing thumb rule, your website should be redesigned every two to three years to keep it fresh and innovative for users. But you don’t necessarily have to stick to a calendar date. When your current website no longer functions in line with your brand vision and business value, a web redesign is in order.

If you’ve finalized the decision of redesigning your website, naturally the next question that comes to mind is “how?” There are a number of ways you can revamp your website. If you have the necessary development resources available at your disposal, the redesign can be done in-house. But if you’re in search of a sophisticated design with custom coding, a professional web designs service is what you need.

Below are a few web redesign steps you’re better off leaving to the pros.

Developing Responsiveness 

A number of modern web design tools offer built-in responsiveness in their templates. But if you’re thinking out of the box and not following any pre-built templates, you’re risking site responsiveness.

A responsive website is more than just mobile-friendly. A number of users are accessing websites through their tablets, phablets, iPads, desktops, and other devices. Your website shouldn’t be just optimized for a phone screen in order to be fully responsive; it must cater to all screen sizes. A web design professional will help you out with that.

Dealing with Web Design

“A good web design is invisible,” that’s one of the mottos of the web design world. A website’s layout and navigation may look like it’s a piece of cake, but that’s how it’s made out to be. The web design should seem effortless.

A good website conveys a business’ ideals, visions, and brand message clearly and concisely. Great web design isn’t necessarily flashy or pretty; it’s one that best conveys your goals and vision to the user. It takes a pro to create an effortlessly amazing web design.



One of the biggest features on which a web redesign is judged is its usability. A web design should be easy enough to navigate for the site user. It should allow them convenient access to relevant information within a few clicks. Through usability testing, you can determine whether your web redesign is helping users easily accomplish their goal.

Overall User Experience

At the end of the day, what matters when it comes to a web redesign is the user experience.

Are visitors satisfied with how your site operates? Can they easily find what they’re looking for? Can they engage interactively with your site, products, and services?

Redesigning a website to enhance user experience takes a lot of effort and insight which is why it’s best left to the experts.

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