Why Managed IT Solutions Are a Big Hit in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to sustain profit margins, a strategy that has resulted in ever-decreasing budgets for IT departments and has been partly responsible for healthcare being the second hardest-hit industry by cyber attacks.

This prompted many in the healthcare industry to seek better solutions that not only cater to security but also provide data and information management benefits as well. This need created a demand for managed IT solutions that has been rising ever since.

In this article, we take a look at the factors that make managed IT solutions such an appealing prospect for healthcare institutions.

Security Fortification

Switching to digital storage of data and adopting measures that integrate the use of tablets and smartphones has left vital systems within healthcare organizations susceptible to hackers. Malware attacks have exposed vulnerabilities that were previously left unpatched. A failure to implement an effective security infrastructure to match advancements in the flow of communications gave rise to breaches that were identified long after systems had been compromised. The problem worsens when IT leaders rapidly hire staff to modernize the systems while simultaneously attempting to support and operate the damaged infrastructure. Managed IT services remove the probability of missteps or the need to take emergency measures that divert focus from critical operations.

Access to Greater Scalability

IT leaders plan capacity that meets future needs and allows for scalability. In-house IT departments for healthcare organizations generally purchase capacity that takes into account future demand growth but remains unused for long periods of time. Managed IT services allow for access to increased capacity during peak season to match business requirements without spending significant amounts of capital.

Increased Reliability

Any medical organization relies on the accuracy of data and the reliability of its systems to provide consistent and quality services. Managed IT services dedicate a significant amount of resources as well as skilled technicians for each individual service providing an increased level of reliability that is unmatched by any in-house IT department. Healthcare operations are no longer 9 to 5 and serve clinicians all around the world. This requires them to be available 24x7x365 which is only possible with outsourced IT service providers.

Flexibility in Operations

When IT-related functions are outsourced, the IT staff can be reallocated for other high-priority tasks and deliver value by working on operations directly linked to the organization’s goals.

By hiring qualified IT managed services, healthcare organizations are able to increase security levels, reliability, flexibility, and free additional resources to work on critical activities. Think Technologies Group offer managed IT services in Gainesville, FL, which offer all of the above benefits and more. Contact them today.

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