How to Market Your New Album Release

To think of the amount of effort that goes into producing an album—wow! All those months of tracking demos, editing and mixing…phew. The journey seems all the more complicated when it’s your debut album. But nothing compares to the feeling of when you finally have a list of tracks that you’re ready to share with the world!

Now you might think that your hard work is soon going to pay off. We hate to break it you folks but your hard work is only just begun. Part of being a successful musician entails having a big reach. If you want your new album to do well, you’re going to have to work on some marketing strategies.

Don’t know where to start? We’ll help you out. Just follow these simple marketing tips and watch your album sales sky rocket!

Start marketing beforehand

One mistake that many budding music artists often make is that they wait for their music to release and then start building awareness around their project. If you want to build fan anticipation you’re going to have to start way before the final product is out. Start posting about your studio sessions! Put up all the interesting things you did during the recording session and spur conversation about your upcoming album.

Release a single

One way to keep the audience interested in your album is to give them a snippet of what’s in store. You can try your hand at releasing a small teaser of your song. With good music editing software you can cut out the chorus or hook of your song and put it out for fan feedback! A single release is also a fantastic way to give people a taste of what genre, tone and overall style of the album will be. But be careful with what track you pick as your single! Try choosing something that is radio-friendly; perhaps something that’s more upbeat and groovy? If you’ve only got slow songs on your track list, go with something that’s popular with the fans.

Record a music video

In addition to a single release, a music video is a great way to engage a larger audience. It’s essentially a low commitment tool because even people who don’t listen to your “type” of music can watch a video that’s got some intriguing message behind it. Besides, quality music videos can go viral on social media—which means more unintended but welcome promotion for your album.

Use social media to the maximum

New artists can count of social media to give them the marketing leverage that they otherwise wouldn’t have in the music world. Post links to iTunes Music or Spotify so it’s easy for people to check out your stuff. Just make sure you’re not using apps that copy paste the same message you’ve posted on your base platform. It gives a bad impression to potential followers on a particular social medium. Make sure you’re presenting your followers with something unique so they’re following you on all platforms and maximizing your reach.

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