Mobile Marketing Is Becoming Crucial For Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Gone are the days when customers relied on a few friendly service stations to fuel up their vehicle. Today, they want to quickly search for a nearby gas station on their mobile phones which also has excellent online reviews for quality of fuel.

With the changing market, tactics for attracting and retaining loyal customers have to change as well. Your marketing strategy has to involve the multi-channel mobile marketing techniques. The overall outcome should bring your service station as one of the top providers in the area.

So what should you do to gain more online exposure?

Ask these 3 questions first:

Can the location of your gas station be found on online through mobile and desktop web browsers with a simple ‘gas station’ search?

Is your latest marketing content available on major search engines with a search for similar businesses in your locality? Are the ratings and reviews received by your service station managed online to obtain a competitive value in the market?

If any of these are lacking, this is where you begin your work from.

Why should your gas station be in top results on the search engines?

One of the most popular search engines, Google, has a keyword research tool. For gas stations in United States, over 500,000 searches were performed every month in 2013. This figure has only increased with time. This includes alternative searches, including terminologies ‘nearest gas stations’, ‘gas stations near me’, and ‘gas station’.

If your fuel station is one of the top suggestions for major search engines, this will redirect a huge number of customers to your business.

But will these customers actually make the purchase?

Yes. Back in 2013, a search engine survey indicated that 90% of these searches resulted in purchase. Out of these, almost 35% of smartphone users make the purchase immediately while 66% purchase within an hour. So yes, it’s very likely that you will notice a significant increase in sales.

Accuracy of marketing matters too!

The information you provide for marketing must be accurate. Exaggerations and misinformation can often waste time as well as make potential customers wary of your services.

Most often, these searches are for stations within a 5-mile distance of the customer’s location. Informing about your station’s location(s) is advantageous as it will again bring you up in relevant services.

Ensure that you provide high quality fuel and optimum services at convenience store to attract more customers.

Not just marketing, but the quality of service station equipment can influence your business’s growth in today’s competitive market. John W. Kennedy Company, a petroleum equipment company, offers efficient nozzles, swivels, breakaways and other equipment so you can offer quality services.

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