How Mobile Technology is Revolutionising the Foodservice Industry

Almost two-thirds of people in the US had a smartphone in 2015. The number had grown constantly in the past two years. Particularly among younger individuals, owning a smartphone is considered a necessity since most of them use it to go online, stay connected with friends, and even research for personal or educational purposes.

Combine this with the fact that Americans are now spending more than ever on food and dining, than they do on groceries. What’s really driving this revolution? Mobile technology.

Here are a few of all the ways mobile technology has practically transformed the foodservice industry:

Mobile Applications

With a growing number of customers solely relying on their smartphones to access the foods they like, it is now more important than for foodservice operators to have a mobile presence. Take the example of a Culinary Forecast survey that highlighted how mobile apps designed by foodservice operators for ordering and deals would be a hot trend in 2015, and they couldn’t have been right.

On the other side of the picture—the industry side—mobile apps are being constantly used by foodservice operators to connect with vendors, keep track of inventory and automate POS management. In fact, many are using small business order management software like OrderTron.

Mobile Menus

Customers are now required to look no further than their pockets to explore menus from their favourite foodservice operators. Creating digital menus through apps or web pages is now considered crucial. The possibilities are endless.

In fact, in some schools, students are provided with mobile menus that allow parents to keep a check on their lunch and breakfast.

Whether they are heading out to a restaurant physically or ordering food in bed, customers want to see the menu in a way that they find convenient—today, that convenience comes in the form of mobile.

Mobile Payments

Of all the mobile technologies that have gradually taken over, none have been more raved about as mobile payments. Foodservice operators are now under pressure to accept mobile payments in digital, cashless forms.

This also includes mobile POS technology—customers no longer need to wait to give their cards away and wait for them to be billed, since simply swiping the card on a mobile POS system does the trick.

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