Why Should You Move Toward LED Signage

The move towards LED signage from traditional signage is pretty evident in the large-scale, as well as small-scale companies. This is because the advantages of using LED signage far outweigh the advantages of using traditional or any other forms of signage.

If you haven’t yet installed LED signage for your retail store or any other businesses, here are 7 reasons that will surely convince you to move toward LED signage:

Reduced Cost

Digital signage works almost 24 hours in a day. This means high consumption of electricity and high energy bills.

LED lights on the other hand, consume only 15% electricity that of a normal light. This means that you will be able to significantly reduce your utility expenses.

Longer life

While LED signs may cost you more initially, they last almost 6 times more than normal signage. If you calculate the ROI on LED signs, you will find LED signs to be more beneficial in the long run than its counterparts.


LED lights are made for outdoor use, and hence are more durable. Environmental elements such as rain, wind, snow and extreme temperatures will not be able to damage the LED lights in your sign, thereby preventing the need for any costly repairs.

Attention Grabbing

The primary reason for installing a signage is to grab the attention of potential customers, and LED signage is the best way to do that.

LED lights come in a variety of colors and shapes and provide a much broader spectrum of animations and themes.


With an LED signage, you will not only be able to display animations, but display a variety of messages, unlike a static sign where you will have to spend money every time you want to display a message.

Whenever you have a new promotion or offer, you can simply add that content to your LED signage and it will start playing.


Not only do LED lights consume less electricity, they also produce less heat. This makes LED signs much more environmental-friendly.

With the carbon emissions rising, businesses are moving towards much more environmentally sustainable activities, and getting LED lights is a small step towards it.

Easy Maintenance

By getting an LED sign from a reliable contractor, you will find that the LED sign is really easy to maintain. They won’t become faulty and will not have missing letters like we often we on other forms of signage.

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