All You Need to Know About Visual Brand Identity

Brands are more than just the products or services they offer. Each brand has its own unique story and style that helps them build an audience and cater to a specific niche.

To communicate across your brand’s story and style, you need effective visual elements to speak to your audience on a personal and emotional level.  This is where your visual identity comes in the picture.

What is Visual Identity?

Visual identity is a combination of the imagery and the graphical information a brand uses to express its ideals. It reflects the brand’s unique style and caters to its audience’s visual aesthetics.

In other words, your visual identity is what your customers can physically see, be it your brand’s logo and color palette, to the design of your products and even your store/outlet. It’s meant to create an emotional impact on your audience through a consistent set of visuals and instructions that is represented.

Visual Identity vs. Brand Identity

So, what differentiates your brand’s visual identity from its brand identity?

Brand identity is a more holistic expression that encompasses everything that makes your brand unique. This includes its core values and beliefs, mission statement, policies, and the overall vibe you wish to give off. In doing so, it includes visual as well as non-visual elements that make your brand what it is and give it a unique brand voice.

Visual identity is part of your brand identity. However, it’s a distinct discipline with a thought process and business approach of its own. Brands formulate their visual identity in the initial stages of development with the help of creative directors, artists, and designers.

Think of the imagery and graphics on your website, your brand logo, and the visual elements displayed on your products and even on your webpage. All of these contribute to your visual identity. It’s what your customers first see when they look up your brand, and often, it’s what encourages them to learn more about your business. The visual identity of your brand is expressed online as well as offline, and reflects your brand’s style.



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Areas to Expand upon Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Since it can be based on visual elements displayed online and offline, you have different ways to strengthen your identity. Your logo and all physical assets associated with your brand are the first area to work on. These help in identifying your brand.

You can also strengthen your brand’s visual identity through advertising. The different marketing tools and strategies you use can highlight the visual elements you wish to emphasize on, such as on flyers and billboard ads.

Finally, web and graphic design can help you establish a strong visual identity for your online audience. This can be on your website, your social media pages, and even digital ads.

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