There is a Need for Restaurants to Optimize Tableside Payments Experience

Tableside payments at restaurants may be extremely convenient for customers who dread going all the way to the counter to pay for their food. Moreover, new advances in technology also mean customers can now get their orders customized, instead of the conventional method of the waiter relying on memory or using a notepad. Pay-at-the-table apps have started to become favorable among all kinds of restaurants from fast casual to fine dining. As a result, the technology also advances and the user experience – for both the employee and the customer – becomes seamless and convenient.

However, there are some drawbacks tableside payment services faces, and so it becomes essential for restaurants to overcome these barriers and optimize the service for customers.

Below are a few reasons why there is a need for restaurants to optimize the tableside payments experience:

Customer experience

Customers like to decide for themselves when they want to pay the bill and not feel like the waiter is rushing them. Oftentimes, customers feel like the server is signaling them to go when they drop the cheque on the table abruptly. Thus, as tableside payments speed up this process, it can make customers feel like they’re unwelcome in the restaurant. Moreover, some may also dislike the shortened payment process that doesn’t permit them to peruse the itemized bill at their leisure.

Moreover, tableside payment services even require the server to stand next to the table while customers are making the payment. This can make them feel uncomfortable. In order to optimize the tableside payment experience, it’s essential for restaurants to not make the customer feel uneasy during payment, and perhaps only offer them the bill when asked. Moreover, they should also provide the option of itemized paper receipts in addition to the electronic one.

secure payment solutions

Costs involved

In order for a tableside payment system to work proficiently, it needs to be incorporated with a Point of Sale system. If this is not done, it can be expensive to assimilate the two systems. To make the most out of this payment system, it’s essential for restaurants to do their homework before purchasing the technology. To stay pertinent in today’s cashless society, restaurants must be equipped with card readers, or they’ll end up losing customers.


If you encourage and permit customers to pay right at the table using the tableside payment system, then you need to be sure that that system provides optimal security and matches the latest security standards.

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