Why you should NEVER use commercial LCDs for Professional Applications

You will need to do thorough research when buying an LCD for professional applications. If you are buying an LCD for promoting your brand, then it’s only natural that you must ensure that you are using the right LCD panel.

In the end, it is the LCD screen that is carrying your brand message, and if the screen is not able to produce the desired result, it will have a negative impact on your brand image.

Using a commercial LCD is the worst mistake you can make. Commercial LCDs are built for personal use, and are not suitable for the rugged usage that Industrial LCDs are designed for.

Here are some reasons why you mustn’t use commercial LCDs for professional applications:

Life Cycle

The life cycle of an LCD mainly depends on its usage, and this is why it is important to use an LCD that is right for the application. If you use a commercial television for running an ad for 24 hours, its life will shorten drastically because it is not designed for it.

If you are planning to operate your LCD display for more than 25 hours per week, then you must always purchase an industrial grade LCD, because it is designed for extended usage.


Industrial grade LCDs designed for advertising create more impact as this is their primary reason. Whether it is a panoramic LCD or an open frame monitor, if it is being used for the right purpose, it will create the desired impact more accurately than a commercial screen.

Industrial grade LCDs also minimize the risk of getting image burns, which mainly happen when static images are shown for extended durations of time.

Signal Inputs

Facing difficulties in connecting the television to the computer is nothing new. Even when connected, the television provides a very limited display, and the productivity is quite low when displaying videos or animations. This mainly happens because most commercial televisions have limited signal input.

By using a commercial display, you seriously limit the input channels. For example, some commercial LCDs have limitations RGB displays, and may not be able to display messages accurately with this type of input. To properly display any message on the screen, constant configuration will be required.

To avoid these limitations it is better to invest in an industrial grade LCD.

Connector Interface

Another limitation that you will face with a commercial LCD is lack of connector interface. Most commercial LCDs do not come with RS-232, which is a form of external display control. This would mean you will have to configure the LCD by removing it from its location again and again.

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