Numbers Dictate Strategy: How to Increase Your Social Media Followers Fast!

You can debate theory, you can debate policy; but you can’t debate numbers—because they’re unalterable and true.

1 + 1 is always 2.

End of story. Case closed.

No one can defy the power of statistics. They add credibility to claims, and strength to statements. And in a world of 7 billion people—it’s not names, but numbers that help us carve a promising path to our future, and shape the future of our planet.

Numerical figures help us define strategies to govern and rule, to devise appropriate measures and save the world from collapsing.

They help us keep track of population growth, climate change, the spread of illness and disease, education rate and the scarcity of food.

It is through the philosophy of numbers that the world of science has made incredible breakthroughs, and the world of business has evolved considerably to birth new platforms for growth and profitability.

The social media revolution rests on the power of accessibility and traffic—where information is no longer confined to a person or one part of the world, but part of a larger web of communication.

Welcome to the world of numbers—where success is calculated and measured with the help of innovative technology.

The Language of Social Media


If you run a business, numbers are your life—sales, research, metrics, analysis; everything involves the use of figures to turn hypothetical theories into facts.

Keeping up with the trends is a crucial aspect of running a business, and if you’re not familiar with the social media landscape, you’re doing yourself a great disservice by losing out on a major chunk of consumers.

Contrary to popular opinion, making a Facebook page or creating a website isn’t the end of your social media crusade.

In order to improve your leads, you must communicate with browsers in a language they understand best. Steer traffic in your direction, and convert it into sales with:

  • Investing in an excellent content marketing strategy.
  • Make your posts, infographics and blogs shareable across diverse platforms.
  • Update and expand your website routinely.
  • Experiment with A/B testing for better results.
  • Connect with consumers on digital media and pay attention to feedback.

The Bottom Line

Navigating the social media world can be counterproductive for your business if you don’t understand the basics of SEO writing and don’t have a team of content marketing experts guiding your digital marketing campaign.

So, what’s the best advice we can give you?

Don’t write the news—be the news!

Stay ahead of the game by investing in a reputable SEO company that excels in social media management.

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