Could an NYPD and FBI Collusion Be Behind Malcolm X’s Assassination?

There’s a difference between conspiracies and conspiracy theories. The latest claim about possible NYPD-FBI collusion in the Malcolm X assassination, a frequently discussed topic at Kennedys and King, falls in the former category.

Keep reading to know the grounds for the most recent conspiracy surrounding the political leader’s murder.

A Recap of the Malcolm X Saga

For the claim and its grounds to make sense, one needs to set the scene and explain what went on that fateful afternoon at the Audubon Ballroom.

Malcolm X was a civil rights activist and nationalist leader who, like every black community member, had encountered white supremacy at a young age. Malcolm saw it in all its ugly glory when his father, a harmless preacher, was murdered by white supremacists.

On February 21, 1965, the human and civil rights activist was giving an address at the Audubon Ballroom, where his four daughters and pregnant wife were in attendance when he was gunned down. Three men affiliated with the Nation of Islam were charged with the murder soon after and convicted of first-degree murder in 1966.

However, two men charged with the murder were acquitted in 2021 after certain FBI documents shed new light on the case. One of the exonerees had passed away in 2009.

A Crowd of Protestors Gathered at the Lincoln Memorial During the Civil Rights Movement

Almost 56 Years Later: A Deathbed Letter Arrives

The latest claim about the Malcolm X assassination comes from his family. They believe the NYPD and FBI conspired to kill the civil rights leader based on a deathbed letter posthumously conveyed to them by a cousin of the writer, an undercover NYPD officer named Raymond Wood.

Wood confessed to committing ‘felonious acts’ against civil rights activists in the letter under orders from his ‘supervisors’. He wrote that he had lured the activist’s security detail, so they wouldn’t be able to manage door security on the day of the shooting.

The Successful Assassination Attempt: The Last of the Two

The second and final attempt at ending the activist’s life followed an increasing FBI surveillance and a firebomb attack. While the truth behind this political assassination remains a mystery, the activist’s family and lawyers continue to urge authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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