From One To Zero: Landing On Position Zero On Google

All of us have looked up to Google as the ultimate search engine—telling us what needs to be done when we broke our phone to letting us know if ‘tis the time to wear a fur coat or not.

But it’s no longer a search engine. It’s an oracle.

Do you remember the Zero Search Results Experiment conducted by Google? Yep, the one where everything disappeared except for that one block of answer—to see the rest, you needed to click an additional button. The experiment would give you a total of one result for time, weather and location on the entire page of Google.

The experiment failed.

But do you know what else succeeded? The Position Zero.

What Is The Position Zero On Google?

The Position Zero on Google is a powerful feature to not only beat competition but also grab the no. 1 organic ranking on the world’s most used search engine. It helps you gain traction on your online business, generate revenues through frequent clicks and produce tailored SEO content—greatly impacting the trends that SEO experts follow.

The Position Zero on Google gives you a featured snippet of the answer you’re looking for.

If you want to know more, you can click the link or one of the following questions but most readers will be satisfied with featured snippet—which is exactly why Google rolled out this feature. It provides the quickest possible result and builds organic reach.

Why should you try to land on the position zero? According to research, position zero receives 114% more visitors than the position one. Do we need to say anything else?

Here are some of the most effective ways to help you land on position zero:

Optimize Your FAQ Page

Using your FAQ pages is an incredible way to optimize all your SEO content to meet the requirement of the featured snippets. When writing for your FAQ page, it is a great idea to spread out the content—ensuring that each question leads to a separate page or at least requires an additional tap.

In order to optimize for fruitful SEO content, using a keyword research tool is a great starting point from where you can develop a healthy list of questions and answers.

Be Careful With The Word Count

Getting picked up by featured snippets is all about working with Google’s algorithm—the more your work is in line with the set SEO rules, the more chances you’ve of landing on the position zero. Snippet researchers have found that word count plays a very important role in deciding which sites are picked up for position zero. The most common length of the content that gets featured on the snippet is between 40 to 50 words.

Hence, when you’re answering FAQs, make sure that you keep all your answers concise and in between the required word count.

Increase Readability

The format which is followed by featured snippet often impacts how and which content is placed on the position zero. If your content is being developed in a table format, the chances of being picked up increase. However, you should avoid dense content that is hard to read. Readers will not spend time trying to decipher what you’re trying to say.

Paragraphs, lists and bullets are also trending on featured snippets. The only reasonable explanation of this trend is that it increases readability—reducing the effort and time it takes to understand a service, product or an answer.

Other optimization tricks include adding relevant pictures, separating your content in headers and adding multiple links that grab attention from other credible websites.

Position Zero is an effective feature for brands to stay on top of the game and produce meaningful content—ensuring that they grab the reader’s attention time and again.

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