On-Page SEO Checklist: The Best Practices

On-page SEO is essentially the practice of optimizing particular web pages to achieve higher rankings on search engines and attract more relevant traffic. However, you have to use the right strategy and techniques to achieve the best results.

Here’s a checklist of on-page SEO features that can help you optimize every page on your website.


The first step of on-page SEO is finding the best keywords for the content for each page. The keywords should be relevant to the content and must be something that’s searched for regularly. When done right, keywords help you target your relevant market and increase the chances of them becoming paying customers.

Title Tags

A title tag is used in search engine result pages (SERPs), social networks and web browsers. It’s an HTML element that specifies what the page is about by using primary keywords. Title tags boost a page’s visibility as the keywords that are searched for are highlighted in the search engine.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are 150 to 160 characters long summaries of the content of a web page. They play an integral role in prompting users to click on your website from the search engine. Meta descriptions should be compelling and must use relevant keywords strategically.

Pro tip: It’s always better to avoid duplicate Meta descriptions.

Meta Descriptions


The content is what makes or breaks a web page. Make sure that the blogs, articles or pages you’re creating have original content. The information should be relevant to your business and your customers. To optimize your content effectively, use at least 4 keywords in the body of the text. Moreover, include links from other pages and try to create content for many different mediums such as, press releases, newsletters, articles, blogs and guest blogs.

Internal Linking

An internal link is a link that directs the user to another page on the same website. When linking to another page on your site, make sure you’re using good anchor text; this helps strengthen keywords internally for both pages.

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