On Page SEO Hacks That Will Help Your Website Rank Higher

On-page SEO is a diversified practice.

You can do a lot of things and they will all contribute to your website’s Google ranking.

But essentially, out of the “all”, there are few practices that really make up for most of your results.

These are the practices that you must focus on, and these are the practices you’ll be learning about through this article.

Don’t worry, the list isn’t too long…

Work on improving the meta

We’re talking about the meta titles and the meta descriptions of your different web pages.

Of course, you have plenty of web pages and some of them might already be doing really well, so you don’t need to target all. You only need to target the ones that aren’t doing well.

How to know which of your web pages need working on their meta?

The Google Search Console would help you with that.

It’s a free tool that Google gives you and using this tool you can optimize your web pages for improved ranking.

Simply sign up to Google Search Console, and add your website to the account.

Once you have added your website, Google will take few days to assesses your website and will give you the result about how each of your web pages are performing.

You can find data on click-through rates, impressions, rankings etc.

However, it’s the web pages with high impressions but low click through rates that you should be really focusing on.

What are impressions?

Impressions are the number of times your web page is seen by a user on the SERP.

For example, if you type “shoes” in the Google search box and hit search, all those links that appear on the SERP will receive impressions. The links on page 2 of the SERPs won’t receive any impressions until you click on page 2.

Your web pages that have high impressions but low click rates are those pages that people are seeing, but they aren’t clicking on them.

Why are they not clicking on them?

Because these pages don’t have an interesting enough meta title or meta description to tempt users into clicking them.

5 ways to boost your website ranking”


5 effortless ways to boost your website ranking

Which one did you find more enticing?

Which one are you more likely to click on?


So what you can do is, you can optimize your meta title and meta description to make them more enticing and more relevant. From more relevant what we mean to say is that they should be able to communicate the message of your blog more clearly.

Also, include keywords in your meta title and meta description, but don’t use them unnecessarily. Google will instead end up penalizing you if you over-do it.

With a tuned meta title and meta description, you’ll be able to receive more clicks on your web pages and this will automatically push your website higher in Google ranking.

Theme out your website

Theming out your website means producing content that is focused and tailored. Focused on a particular subject area and tailored for a specific niche.

To some readers, this strategy could appear like killing the reach of your content. People prefer targeting a broader audience.

However, if you write on a particular subject area, and continue to write on it, people start viewing you as a thought leader in that area. Whenever they will need information on that topic, they will know where to look for.

And driven by your users’ behavior, Google would start appreciating your website more.

This doesn’t mean you should stop producing content on other relevant topics. You can only write as many pieces on on-page SEO.

Just make sure your articles on on-page SEO are detailed and divided into sub-sections. This would still leave the same impression on your readers when they’ll consume your pieces, while at the same time you can also produce content on off-page SEO and other SEO related topics. Of course, if SEO is your area of expertise.

Follow these tips and watch your website’s rank skyrocket—gradually, but eventually!

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