On-Page Vs. Off Page SEO: Know The Difference

Search engine optimization (SEO) has undergone tremendous changes over the years. Yet, the debate surrounding on-page and off-page processes continues to remain the same.

On-page and off-page are search engine techniques that can enhance website search optimization. Despite having a similar goal, these techniques are not the same.


On-page SEO is all about website content. Essential components, such as content, keywords, title tags, meta description, etc. are part of on-page optimization.

The primary purpose of on-page SEO is to create a web page in such as way that is it easily found by search engines.

Content: Unique, fresh, relevant content is the secret to SEO success. Providing high quality content, including high resolution images can boost any business ranking.

Keyword: When it comes to keyword usage, quality is more important than quantity. Ideally, you should use a mix of primary and secondary keyword / key phrases. But, make sure keywords are relevant to your business.

Meta description: Meta description summarizes webpage content. Every web page has its own meta description. A well-written meta compels online users to click and check out website link. Incorporate the right keywords in description. Meta description should be concise, crisp and compelling enough to drive readers to click a particular link

Title tags: The title tag contains the terms that appear in the clickable link of the search result. When creating title tags, focus on relevancy due to the fact Google has limited titles to up to 70 characters.


Off-page SEO consists of external factors that affect your site ranking. These factors include, but are not limited to, blogs, articles, social media, bookmarking, video, and backlinks. Adding them to your website can increase visitors and web traffic, eventually improving your search ranking.

It’s important to understand that off-page optimization results may take longer than on-page results. However, working with the right SEO company can lead to faster results.

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