How to pick the right LCD Display supplier

Although all major brands are producing majority of their products in China, you should never buy an LCD display from Chinese suppliers. It may be very tempting to pick a Chinese supplier because of the low prices being offered on high-end brands, but buying from a Chinese supplier is very risky.

Before we look at how the right LCD supplier can be picked, let’s take a look at the risks of buying LCD displays from China:

Risks of Choosing Chinese Suppliers

Counterfeit Items

Many Chinese suppliers are experts at counterfeiting, and you will likely receive a sub-standard LCD panel, that is the exact clone of the one that you actually wanted. You will need to put in a lot of research to find original products.

Fake labeling

The barcodes and labels are likely to be fake, and you will have no way of knowing whether your LCD panel is from the original brand.

No legal Recourse

You will not be able to take any legal action in case the supplier frauds you into buying a fake LCD.

Communication barriers

There are a lot of specifications that need to be communicated to the supplier to get exactly what you want. But, 90% of the Chinese population does not speak English, which means that chances of misinterpretation and wrong products being delivered are high.

Product Warranties

The manufacturer warranties come under a lot of question and there is no guarantee that the supplier will stand behind those warranties. Since there is no legal recourse, you will not be able to force the supplier to back the promised warranties.

Lax Government Policies

Chinese suppliers do not have to comply with strict government policies designed to protect the customers. This is why there is a great risk in dealing with Chinese suppliers.

Other problems

Lack of pre-purchase inspections and no technical assistance are some of the other problems that you could face by selecting Chinese suppliers.

So, How To Choose The Right Supplier?

There are certain ways in which you can find the right the LCD display supplier for your needs.

Firstly, know which industry the supplier belongs to. Try to focus on a supplier that specializes in industrial grade LCDs. Suppliers of industrial LCDs are able to provide display screens for OEMs and contract manufacturers.

Second, look for the types of LCDs that the supplier is offering. Make sure that the supplier has all the latest technology in LCDs, such as OLED, 4k and AMOLED LCDs. LCD technology is quickly changing and you would want to get the one that is latest.

In addition to that, the supplier should have all types of LCDs, such as monitor kits, digital signage, stretched LCD panels, open frames and multi-touch screens.

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