Planning commercial solar power systems

Installing a solar panel is a major decision for any business. Regardless of industry, size or scope, all types of companies need to consider some vital factors before investing in a solar panel. This is because of the high cost of panel installation. Moreover, solar energy is a lifestyle change for many individuals.

Here are some effective factors that can help you simplify the solar panel installation process:

Business needs

Why does your business need solar energy? Is it to reduce your monthly energy bills? Does your firm wish to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards a clean planet?

It’s important to assess your business goals before embracing solar energy. Once you know your business requirements, you will be able to plan panel installation smoothly.


Commercial solar panels are much more expensive than residential panels. This is mainly due to their extensive size. Also, a commercial organization needs more power than a residence.

Before searching for solar panels, you will have to evaluate your budget. Try to set a realistic budget and make sure you stick to it. You can contact a solar company to receive free installation estimates.

Keep in mind, installation cost may vary and typically depends on panel size, number of panels, condition of a roof, sun exposure, etc. Majority of business owners buy panels in bulk to get great deals.

Legal requirements

For bigger solar panels, you need permission from your local authority. In addition, solar panel installations need to adhere to building regulations. These legal formalities can cause some delays. You will have to apply to your city or utility association (if applicable) for authority to complete your panel installation.

Solar panel installation company

It’s important to hire an experienced solar company for installing panels. As solar panels come in different sizes, features, prices and brands, a reputable installation company can help you pick one that suits your business needs and interests.

In addition, they can handle all the legal formalities on your behalf. Remember, picking and installing a commercial solar panel is tricky business. Make sure you pick a specialized installation company, such as SunWalk.

SunWalk has nearly a decade of experience and expertise in commercial and residential solar panel installations. They are your go-to installation partner in San Diego. The certified company provides solar energy consulting, design and installation services to residential, commercial and industrial, government and non-profit enterprises. Click here to learn more.

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