The Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Process—Explained

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) includes depositing thin films of gas vapor on various solid substrates. Compared to typical Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) procedures, PECVD operates at a much lower temperature.

One of the biggest advantages of PECVD is that it’s a very scalable process, and various items can be coated easily—ranging from small ball bearings to large cutting tools for industrial applications such as blades and knives. Coatings applied to instruments reduce friction and improve usability.

Here’s all you need to know about the process of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition.

The Process

There’s a space between the reacting gases that’s filled up by the plasma created by AC or DC discharge. After the creation of plasma, chemical reactions take place. The electrical energy begins to affect the gasses, which in turn increases reactivity across the ions and molecules.

The chemical reaction causes the gas to turn into plasma and deposit on the material. The quality of the film also improves when operated at lower pressure and temperature.

Comparing PECVD with CVD

The object that’s being coated, often called the substrate, is on the electrode. Different films have different requirements, but the typical heat range for most varies between 250°C to 350°C. Temperature is a key consideration because excessive heat can damage the substrate in the long run. This makes PECVD better than CVD because the latter works with temperatures between 600°C to 800°C.


The result is an adhesive coating on the substrate that doesn’t come off easily. PECVD also develops a better coat, ensuring that no parts of the substrate are left out in the process to provide an immaculate finish. There’s also a low pinhole density in the final product.

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