Plugging into Fire: Is Your Home Electrical Outlet a Fire Hazard?

Electrical outlets are found in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room, in the basement, in the attic and even on the patio. Busy and buzzing, they provide power to everything that runs on electricity.

Due to much common presence of electrical outlets, it can sometimes be easy to ignore them; to the point where they can become a fire hazard.

Are your home electrical outlets a fire hazard? Unsure?

Take a second look at all your home electrical outlets, and if you find them having any of these faults (or characteristics), you’re certainly plugging into fire at your home:

Electrical outlets with cracked plates

Cracked plates leave your electrical outlets exposed to lint and dust accumulation. Over time, all electrical outlets clogged with dirt and dust, become a fire hazard.

If you have electrical outlets at home with cracked plates, immediately get them cleaned, and replace their damaged plates with new ones.

Electrical outlets with metal box

Electrical outlets are housed inside an electrical box. There are mainly two types of electrical box used in electrical outlet installations: plastic and metal. Using the latter type of electrical box carries risk of fire.

Call in an electrician to find out the type of electrical box installed at your home. If your electrical outlets are housed inside metal boxes, get plastic outlet boxes instead to replace the metal boxes. Alternatively, to save money, you can also use plastic box extenders on your metal boxes, but only if deemed appropriate by your electrician.

Electrical outlets piggybacked with too many appliances

Overloaded electrical outlets are a big no-no. Never ever plug too many appliances to the same outlet.

How many are too many?

A good rule to follow is to keep the appliance count to a limit where the“total” current draw is not more than 12 amps at the outlet.

Electrical outlets powering AC units “as well as” other appliances

An AC unit draws a lot of current and puts too much load on an electrical outlet. It’s, therefore, safe to dedicate an entire outlet to an AC unit and not plug in any other appliance into it.

Yes, even if the total current draw is lower than 12 amps!

Don’t ignore your home electrical outlets; make them safe for operation.

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